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What good winter fishing

Swansea city 17.11.2019 at 21:09

Football club "Swansea city" (Swansea City Association Football Club). The team from Wales, established in 1912, now a member of the English Premier League. Swansea

For real fans of winter fishing has a special meaning and brings a real pleasure. That is why as soon as the first frost into the river, on their surface there are people with fishing rods.

many people Have a desire to join them. But you need to do well with get acquainted with the peculiarities of fishing in the winter, because the occupation is extreme. A large selection of flasks you will find here.

the Main difference of winter fishing from the summer is a fundamentally different process all that is happening. After the winter comes to fish, standing on the icy surface of the pond. It is important for the safety to choose a sturdy ice. We need to make sure it is transparent and has a dark color. Once on a loose white ice, immediately leave this place! It is difficult to see the ice because of the snow layer. In this case, you just need to drown. If you hear a crackling, then it's a bad place, and should look for another.

Many people prefer winter fishing due to the lack of the ubiquitous mosquitoes, midges, flies. However, the bitter cold and wind can also deliver a lot of trouble. Preparing for winter fishing, you should look into the Pro shop for the fishermen and see the goods for fishing. There, you can easily find everything you need, particularly clothes. Fit, of course, is the most common. The main principle is to wear as many layers. After all, if it gets hot, then something can be removed. Not want to buy underwear. Need and windproof jacket, under which you need to wear a sweater and vest. Experienced fishermen know that it is especially important to keep feet dry and warm. So choose a special winter fishing footwear. You can do the usual boots, galoshes, socks but have to wear several pairs of and warm.

Winter fishing, among other of its features implies the use of specialized tools. This, of course, an ice pick, a container for skimming excess water BAGR in order to pull the fish out of the hole. Convenient to fold it all in a box, on which you can sit on the ice. Take a fishing rod and a thermos of hot tea and go fishing. Oh, and don't forget natural bait.

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