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Program IV the Sochi International film Festival The article 13.11.2019 at 12:50

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From 16 to 20 November in the Sunny city of Sochi, Sochi will host the IV international film festival SIFFA, which includes over fifty paintings.

this year in the jury of the competition program of the festival includes famous South Korean Director and screenwriter Kim Ki-Duk (in April of this year, participated in the jury of the 41-th Moscow international film festival), actress May Aymedova, President "Ramsgate International Film Festival" Sylvia Bolioli, writer Richard Dicken, singer and musician Katya Semenova, Director mark sandrich, the national actress Larisa Luzhin, a Bulgarian film producer and film Director Zlatina Filippov, a well-known acting coach Peter Ferris, journalist Nina Romodanovskaya, film critic Olga Sherwood. For five days they will choose the best works of the 20 feature, short and documentary films presented in the competition.

the Festival will open with the premiere of the film "Captive". The film violinist living in the Caucasus mountains, helping a kidnapped English girl to escape from captivity during the Chechen events of 1994-1996. Will present a picture of Hollywood Director Mohi candor and the starring Andrei Chernyshev.

At the film festival includes over fifty paintings. The competition included ten full-length, twelve short films and eight documentaries.

the Program IV the Sochi International film Festival

Film opening

PRISONER (91 min., dir. Mohi candour, UK/ Germany/ Russia, 2011)

the closing Film

TALL (137 min., dir. Cantemir of Blagov, Russia, 2019)

the Main competition of feature films

the GUYS FROM BROMLEY (102 min., dir. Steve Kelly, UK, 2018)

SCHEMERS (89 min, dir. David McLean, Scotland, 2019)

WINE (86 min., dir. Peter Olevsky, Russia, 2018)

CHYRAKCHY. GUARDIAN of LIGHT (90 min., dir. Ermek Tursunov, Kazakhstan, 2018)

SEKTORUNDE SHEEP AND the SACRED MOUNTAIN (97 min., dir. Ridham Janve, India, 2018)

ME the SUN doesn'T set (108 min., dir. Lyubov Borisova, Russia, Yakutia, 2019)

SPRING BREEZE (102 min., dir. Such Ahmed, Bangladesh, 2019)

KADDISH (87 min., dir. Konstantin FAM, Russia, Belarus, 2019)

INHALE-EXHALE (90 min., dir. Dito Tsintsadze, Russia, Georgia, Sweden, 2019)

LENIN. The INEVITABLE (113 min., dir. Vladimir Khotinenko, Russia, 2019)

documentary Competition

SCHOOL of EXECUTIONERS (62 min., dir. Alexey Kitaytsev, Ella Tukhareli, Russia, 2019)

RETURN TO BERLIN (75 min., dir. Kathryn Lurie, UK, 2018)

MEMORY is OUR HOMELAND (90 min., dir. Jonathan Kolodzei Durand, Canada, 2018)

the BOOK of the SEA (85 min., dir. Aleksei Vakhrushev, Russia, 2018)

UNKNOWN 1917 (65 min., dir. Galina Yevtushenko, Russia, 2019)

VICIOUS DESACATA (92 min., dir. Inna Denisova, Russia, 2019)

ORTHODOXY IN ALBANIA (39 min., dir. Maria Vilkaste, Russia, 2019)

I LOVE YOU SO much, MOM (45 min., dir. Svetlana Baked, Anna Rudikova, Russia, 2018)

short film Competition

the AIR (14 min., dir. Please Kasymbek, Kazakhstan, 2018)

FAIR GAME (21 min., dir. Denis Kudryavtsev, Russia, 2019)

JULIA (30 min., dir. Mike Colquhoun, France, 2019)

NIGHT WALK (6 min., dir. Lizete Upite, Latvia, 2018)

SALT, PEPPER to TASTE (22 min., dir. Teymur Hajiyev, Azerbaijan, 2019)

the SEAGULL (21 min., dir. Mane Baghdasaryan, Armenia, 2019)

CARNIVAL of LIFE (20 min., dir. Laura Simon, Italy, 2019)

the balance (20 min., dir. Ahmad Khatib, Jordan, 2019)

BAGATELLE (30 min., dir. Daniel Lewin, Russia / USA, 2019)

BACHA (25 min., dir. Athanasios Agrba, Abkhazia, Russia, 2019)

GEKKO (22 min., dir. Nikita Leuk, Russia, 2019)

the RIGHT TO LIFE (20 min., dir. Olga Koleva, Russia, 2019)