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Paper comics. "Sweet home Chi" Konami Ropes: book 2 The article 18.11.2019 at 06:11

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If you want the book not for philosophical reflection and not for the stress-focused track, as growing wildly entangled and the whole a dynamic story (in fact we have in the category, basically, all of these), and a thin book with pictures that is purely and exclusively for relaxation, the "Sweet home Chi" is one of the most obvious options. Away head! Open wide your heart!

– Miau? (Right?)

– Naum. (Yeah.)

– Miau? (Right?)

– Naum. (Yeah.)

already made Friends with our cat Chi continues to meet with the world, knowing the white light as their tiny forces. Here it is carried away, jumping over a yellow duck into the water: "the Trouble! Chi fell into the tub!" Whew, at this time there: "I Think with the Chi all is well. But now she's in the bathroom and can't show my face".

here she is trying to sleep on the bed next to the boy and quickly comes to a disappointing conclusion: "Near Eheim so uncomfortable to sleep." Or she's just lying funny and enjoying the moment: "we All gathered around me... As PR-riate!"

– Such a glorious tail!

– Such soft pads on the paws!

– Such interesting claws...

Well, squeeze the kitty!.. Tired and gone!

the reversal of the comic Konami Ropes "Sweet home Chi. Book 2"

Fundamentally there is only one event: the appearance of one – another! the cat, frightened not only Chi, but also its young owner:

– Maaaa! (There was!)

– we in the house, slipped a huge cat!

– Miaaaw! (Tremendous! Fat!)

– blackest Black! Creepy fat cat!

– Mauur! (Masta here! And staring at all.)

However, at first, a "dangerous monster" is revealed to be not-so-scary – and even takes on the role of a sort of Chi mentor, preparing her for adult life. How, for example, in the episode, when he easily climbed the fence, and the cats does not work:

– Nna-SMM. (If you climb higher, it's not so bad.)

– Mao? (Right?) Maaan! (Chi not to bounce!)

– Nna uuum. (It does not matter. The time will come and you will.)

Just as if not taught this Blackie our baby something bad! It would not have hit her with the only true way his pessimistic view of the world!..

– Naum. (Well, that and it came to you.)

Miao? (Came? Got it?)

– HMF. Mnah. (Which you can't trust people too much.)

– Pfft. Mao! (Sure! Not to be trusted!) Mew? (And what does "trust"?)

– Naum. (To consider them his family. His family. Because they're not your family.)

But we'll see!..

the reversal of the comic Konami Ropes "Sweet home Chi. Book 2"

in Short, this Miao-milot, exceeding the indicators of all transcendent norms, it would have nothing to write, if not the final book interview with Konami Kanatas on the topic "How to create comics "Chi Sweet home". Do not be confused that the issues here asks the same Blackie (the"Mnar, damn", which means "Good day, Konami. Nice to meet you"), the conversation was rich and very informative.

in Addition to step-by-step instructions on how to do is her job and inspiring story about the author's cat, here are, for example, a thumbnail of the first embodiment of one of the chapters – with an explanation of what and why it changed then. In General, this part of the creative process Konami calls the most difficult stage: "Because they create the future story. When I work on miniatures, I have struggled to strain your brain. From such a debilitating thought process my head is spinning".

the reversal of the comic Konami Ropes "Sweet home Chi. Book 2"

But is, in this conversation, and genuine surprises – comparable to a "game-surprise" on the bonding (and there's something "fascinating paper sumo: Chi vs Blackie!"). And it is in the first place – not the most obvious answer to a rather traditional question "What is the main theme of the series "Sweet home Chi"?"

By the way Chi, I would like to convey to the reader such an idea: no matter how you're feeling, try to always do their work conscientiously, and your life will be happy. Whatever Chi is, it certainly is making this all their efforts. It seems to me that, despite having lived through the separation from the mother and other kittens, life Chi still can be called a joyful and harmonious. The life that you do not spend on self-pity, and happiness. That's what I'm thinking, making up stories about Chi.

in this Konami Kanatas definitely not argue.

the Cover of a comic book Konami Ropes "Sweet home Chi. Book 2"

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