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A gang of "Thermo box" (Ver. handle) - the Goods for saunas and baths from the manufacturer 20.11.2019 at 20:40

Buy wooden furniture and accessories for Your baths, saunas and garden easier. Speak to the manufacturer. Delivery to Russia.

Gang "Thermo box" - a convenient and practical product to use in the washing compartment of any bath or sauna. This product, thanks to the insert made of plastic, is incredibly durable and strong. In addition, the gang "Thermo box" on the inside perfectly clean with any detergent and does not lose the natural flavors of the wood, where the product is trimmed from the outside.

It will be appreciated by everyone who cannot imagine their daily life without parilochki and the bathhouse, and so the gang "Thermo box" can be a truly wonderful gift for such people.

dimensions: Small gang, diameter 370 mm, height 200 mm, Big band diameter 420 mm, height 250 mm.

Material: Basswood, plastic. Insert color random.

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