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Alarm Obninsk 15.11.2019 at 17:44

We don't put products Ultra Old, but only if clients direct kick as you want! But infa for you


Today there are cases of sale of any counterfeit products. For example, recently, a new "divorce" with the purchase of the car alarm system Starline A93. Bright headlines on the Internet, social networks and instagram offer to purchase the equipment for 2990 rubles.

Upon detection of the company which is engaged in the sale of counterfeit goods, should pay special attention to several significant items:

the Website of the company. From the official manufacturer alarm Starline only one site, and it is known to all. Any changes to the domain address should already arouse suspicion from the owner. If your business website is spelled wrong, so there's a possibility that it is selling fakes.

the Phone technical support. Most fake websites indicate contacts to be able to convince the car owner that the alarm really is sold at a low price. However, upon closer inspection, you notice that the phone number for technical support there is an error.

the design of the website. Crooks do not much bother about the design of official, but at the same time the fake page. Therefore, the potential customer is leaving the website, if its design is different from the ideal.

That send, really?

During the ordering and receipt of purchased goods to the owner of the equipment confirms that it is:

fake A93, which actually is a copy of the Starline B9.