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Scarf: types, how to tie, what to wear with 18.11.2019 at 09:14

It's Hard to imagine autumn and winter without a warm scarf. With him, the outfit becomes more intimate and interesting. Today, designers offer such a variety of models, which is not always clear which product to choose and what to wear. In this article we will tell you about the history and varieties of accessory, talk with fancy bows and learn how to tie a scarf around the neck.


Surprisingly, the scarves were 2 thousand years ago. In the era of Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di soldiers tied them on the neck to protect from the cold. In tsarist Russia, the scarf was called a special zone of the silk coloured threads, by which it was possible to determine the rank of a soldier. During the reign of Peter the Great began to wear style scarf with tassels by putting it over the right shoulder.

At the end of the XVIII century in France was very fashionable starched muslin scarves that are wrapped around the neck. But the real peak of popularity of products came at the end of the nineteenth century, when fashion designers began to produce inscribed silk scarves. Since then, interest in the accessory only continued to grow.

Today there are many types of scarves and their names for women. They are worn in cold and warm season. Discuss what are the scarves and what their differences. Maybe some feature will be open to you.

What types of scarves are

Scarves vary in shape, seasonality, length and material of manufacture. From the threads depends on the density and texture of the finished product. Scarves can be:

wool (sheep, llama, goat, rabbit); cotton; silk; linen; viscose; synthetic; semi-synthetic fibers.

depending on the material, the accessory can be winter, spring, autumn and summer. For example, wool model is wearing in the cold time, as they do not miss the cold. Cotton goods will be more useful for the autumn and spring period, and linen options perfect for summer. The materials we reviewed, now let's discuss the types of scarves and their names for the style.


a Shawl called a great knitted or woven scarf on the shoulders. The scarves for women have become very popular thanks to the French Empress Josephine de Beauharnais. She wore a shawl over her dress and was reputed to be the first fashionista. Only in the wardrobe of the wife of Napoleon, there were about 400 cashmere shawls.

Today is the shawl — the kind of female scarf, which is worn over the shoulders and tied around the neck. Accessory fits perfectly into fall while protecting from frost. Knitted models look good on curvy women, and cotton or cotton prefer slim girls. Shawls can be warm and summery, triangular and square.


What kind of scarves to wear? Look at the tippet — product oblong rectangular shape. The accessory is decorated with fur, ruffles, fringe, lace and patterns. Typically wraps are worn like a cloak, podsalivaya brooch or pin. The first product of sable skins tried German Princess Liselotte in the XVII century and in XVIII century the fashion for elegant element of the wardrobe has come and to Russia.


Snood is one of the most popular types of scarves on the neck. It has a round shape and is worn over the head. Snudy retain heat well and protect from frost. The products look very elegant as headgear. If you don't like caps, Snood will be the perfect solution.


you May be surprised, but a pair is also a scarf. Photos of beach images in an easy Cape immediately set up a wave of relaxation. A light, flowing scarf made of chiffon, linen, silk and cotton. Most often, shawls are painted in rich colors and decorated with rich patterns. The product will protect the skin from the sun, and hides figure flaws.


Arafatka or keffiyeh — looking scarf on his head. Wear this accessory mostly Arab men. A scarf designed to protect face and head from the scorching sun and sand storms. Depending on location and put it on with a Hoop in the shape of a turban just to cover the head. In the deserts arafatki fully wound on the head and face, leaving a small slit for the eyes.


How to choose a scarf? Another interesting model — SCAC. This option consists of a zipper or button-down and scarf. Buttoned the snake, can keep the neck warm, even if the sweater without a neck. Generally it is worn in different ways: open, neatly folded on the breast with a knotted scarf, under and top coats.


Knitted triangular shawl called the Bacchus. Homeland products is Norway, where the scarf was an item of national costume. There is a huge variety of models of Bacchus. It is decorated with tassels, fringe, lace, and all the patterns and colors just to name a few. The scarf looks elegant by itself and complete with cap.


Boa — the skin of an animal or a narrow fur strip. This accessory was very popular in the early twentieth century. Girls had to wear it on the shoulders or around the neck in addition to dresses and outer clothing (as a collar). Today boa you can decorate your evening dress or coat. Your image will immediately become more expressive and richer.


Poncho with a rectangular piece of cloth with a hole in the center. The product is a traditional clothing of Hispanics. Poncho can be with fringe, tassel, neck without it. Usually it is worn in autumn and spring over a Golf course or sweaters. Poncho makes the outfit more stylish and solid.


this season, the scarf is a real trend. She is a bright bar of the image. The handkerchief on the girl's neck was long a favorite classic. It is fashionable to tie a scarf in a ponytail, a braid or a bun, and tie it on a handbag.


Buff looks at the neck as a collar. This model is preferred by athletes as it is universal. The buff can be pulled over the face to protect it from wind and dust. Tightening the top knot, wear it as a hat. Also buff is often worn under a Cycling or ski helmet.

How to choose a womens scarf

If you are looking for scarf for the cold season, choose product with natural yarns. For example, lambskin, Angora, cashmere. Wool accessories retain heat well and serve over the years. How to choose a women's scarf and what are the challenges? When buying, consider the following:

Figure — women with a curvy figure not recommended for products with large or abstract pattern. Better to stay on the prints, the type of vertical stripes, small checks or animalistic. Color type — before buying a scarf, determine the flavor of their appearance. This will help you to choose the product the right shade. Quality — let's see how well the finished edge of the product if there are protruding wires or blown loops. Trends — to create the actual onion, find out what suggest fashion bloggers and designers.

Before you choose a women's scarf, listen not only to fashion trends, but also to personal preferences. Trends come and go, but the sense of style is always with you. Best to stick to the Golden mean: to follow the fashion, without losing its individuality.

Ways to tie a scarf

to Bring freshness to the image and the way the scarf is tied. There are dozens of interesting options for every taste. Consider the most cool life hacks on tying accessories.

How beautiful tie a scarf bowknot

Throws tippet on the neck, leaving one end longer. Fold the long part in half (this will be the base for our bow), wound around the center of the short section of tippet and tie a scarf bow. This option is in the side wear a top coat or trench.

For the second method fit a silk handkerchief. Put it on your neck, leaving two sides of the same ends. Join both parts with a rubber band, them her magic eight ball and the resulting hole noise the ends of the scarf. In order to clearly understand how to tie a scarf bow at the neck, look at the photo below.

How to tie a scarf area

Maybe bow is not so easy, but the area definitely is for everyone. Fold the scarf to form a triangle. We apply the fabric to the front of them the ends around the neck and knotted them in front. Hide the knot under the tippet and give a beautiful shape. Now you know how beautiful tie a scarf area.

How to tie a scarf knot

To the hidden node wraps a scarf neck so both ends were in front. Combine them, hidden under a layer of tippet and knotted scarf ready. The second method is no less interesting: throws tippet on the neck, loosely tying a knot with one hand, and the other end is passed through the node.

Proposed another simple option: connect the tippet in half, put round neck and put the ends in a loop on the other side. How to tie a scarf French knot? Fold the stole in half, RUB on the neck and hold one end through the loop.

The other part is injected into the hole closer to the bottom of the loop. For clarity, look at the photos.

the Italian node is done as follows: tippet wrapped once or twice around the neck (depending on length of scarf) and give tips in advance. Hold both pieces through the loop at the neck and straighten the weave. Presented below photo, how to tie a scarf the Italian node. In the finished tip needs to be neat and not too long.

How to tie a scarf-collar

Scarf-collar — independent element of the wardrobe, it makes the outfit more elegant. It can be with buttons, and solid, without additional hardware. The model associated a single sheet, simply put over the head and tying would not be here.

If the accessory button closures, area for experimentation is much broader. How beautiful tie a scarf-collar? Try different options: buttons so that the buttons were on the bottom, right or left. Secure the item with one button and beautifully expand it.

How to tie a scarf-hood

This style is in a separate hood, and hood with scarf. As decorations using POM-poms, tassels and openwork braids. Models with long wide scarf look feminine and tie in a very simple. As a rule, the girls wrapped the accessory around your neck once.

How to wear a scarf in the winter? This style of wear only on top of a jacket or coat. Scarf-hood look much more interesting than the usual hat with Sodom. The product is well protected from the cold and her head and neck.

How to tie a long scarf

Proposed an original way to tie a long wide scarf. Straighten the scarf on the neck and shoulders, leaving the ends the same length. Take the belt and fastened it at the waist over the top of the tippet. This method is used for bows in street clothes, and also for images without a coat or jacket (tippet worn on the Golf). If you do not know how beautiful tie a scarf in the fall, look for such an option.

looks Unusual plexus in the form of braids. To do this, wrap the tippet around the neck once and leave the front ends. The loop at the neck make free them it in the form of eight, and threaded through hole and one second end of a scarf. If you want you can hide the ends and work the other way, reminiscent of the oversized collar.

How to wear womens scarves? For example, as cushion. Put tippet on the shoulders, carefully straighten the canvas and fix the front. It's pretty simple, but fresh and original.

How to tie the oversized scarf

With a volumetric accessory can be used the simplest plexus and look very stylish. The most common way is to throw one end of the scarf behind your back. Also girls love to wrap the product around the neck once and the ends leave in front. This option implies the following: crisscross the ends and tie them in the back near the neck. The front will get a nice triangle.

for another cool way winding neck and shoulder area one time. Tips set up in advance (want, link them for fringe). The netting is similar to that already described, but here we offer shape of the collar. If you do not know how to tie a large scarf, take note of the life hacks from the article.

How to tie scarf shawl

, we Recommend to acquire pavloposad painted scarf, which is beautiful in itself. Shawls with traditional floral pattern will decorate any look, even without the spectacular plexus. It may be tied to the already listed methods and to be on top. How to wear scarf shawl? Usually just throw a shawl on the shoulders, tie a simple knot or stab with a pin.

Expressive looks colorful shawl, knotted triangle top coat. The rich ornament is a bright bar just outfit. If you are not sure how to tie a scarf in the fall, take our advice.

How beautiful tie a scarf scarf

For the first method folded handkerchief striped and wrapped around the neck. Noise front ends through the loop two or three times and straighten. How to tie a square scarf? Square tie accessories perfectly with a triangle. First tie in the center of the wrong side of the knot, fold it into a triangle and wear on the neck, connecting the ends in the back.

How to wear a scarf a scarf? You can just throw the accessory on the shoulders and stab a beautiful brooch. Office suit can be supplemented with a handkerchief, knotted at the a neat double knot. Ends start ago, the join hidden under the loop. This method fits well in a strict business style.

Fold the scarf in half to make a rectangle. Now fold it diagonally, nakin on the shoulders, tie the ends and give a beautiful shape. How to tie a scarf scarf on the neck? For the next option turn the accessory to strip and tie up loosely in the middle node. Wrap the neck so that the knot was in front, and carried out through both ends.

How beautiful tie a Snood

the Most popular and proven way is to wear a Snood in two turns. This can stop, but if you want something interesting, put one loop on the head. You get the scarf-hood is just one of many ideas for how to wear a Snood. The photos in this image look very cozy.

Sometimes weave the clip volume node: fold it in half and hold the ends through the loop. How to tie a Snood on his neck? If the diameter is small, it can be worn over the head in one revolution, having beautiful pleats. Also try Snood as capes: carefully smooth it on his shoulders, the front lock pin (center) or leave. This is another tip concerning how to wear scarf Snood.

the Clamp prefer ladies who don't like hats. The accessory will perfectly cope with the role of the headdress, moreover, does not spoil hair. How to wear a Snood on his head? Throws it on the hair and the rest of the canvas covered back of the neck. Now you will not have trouble how to wear a Snood.

How to tie a scarf arafatki

In the Arab world the keffiyeh to tie like this: tie folded triangle scarf on the head, wind the ends back and one part cover the face, hiding her in the folds of fabric at the back. How to tie a scarf arafatki in everyday life? Use all these options. In fact keffiyeh — scarf, so it can weave the same as the scarf.

There is another East way to tie a scarf arafatki. This throws the scarf on the head, wind one end around the head and hide it under the crease. The second part is slightly prisoneres, wrapped in forehead lines and also concealed in a handkerchief.

How to wear a scarf-poncho

a Classic poncho to wear over the head. Modern models are more diverse, so there are styles that simply snapped on the shoulders. How to wear a scarf-poncho? The products are perfectly combined with jeans and with a skirt. If you want to wear a poncho with a skirt, choose a straight or silhouette options (pencil skirt).

Different ways to tie a scarf

Today, girls knit scarves in the hair, tie the tippet on the head and also cling scarves handbags. Ways to tie a scarf on the neck, we have reviewed. Now let's discuss more creative options.

How beautiful tie a scarf on your head

Option style Solokha its popularity. To do this, fold the scarf in striped hold underneath hair and tying a knot in the front. Scrollable bandage, to knot turned sideways. This method looks good with her hair, and with a high tail and a bun. Thanks for the lower photo to tie a scarf in Solokha can any fashionista.

Now take the shawl bigger and also fold it into a strip. Noise under the hair and leave it on the side part short. The long end of the winding head and is connected to the short. The point is that the tips of the handkerchief lay gracefully on the shoulder.

How to tie a scarf on your head? Take a square scarf, folded strip, holding the hair line, crisscross the ends in front and tie in back. The person should be neat wiring. For the new method throw a scarf on her head and start to twist back ends. Wrap their head and hide under the folds.

How to wear a scarf in your hair

the scarf in the hair is a trend of the season. Even the most common tail is transformed by the bright shawl. How to wear a scarf a woman to look fashionable? Weaves the accessory in a braid, tie it in a bun and hair malvinka. Your image immediately sparkle with new colors.

How to tie a scarf in weaving French braids? In the beginning tie in the area of the top of a small tail and put on a scarf. Then weave a braid from the hair and the ends of the scarf. Bundle tied around you can make a bow, and hang the ends. With such great options, the question "How to stylishly tie a scarf" is no longer a problem.

How to wear a scarf on bag

To tie a scarf on your bag, use your imagination. How to tie a scarf the woman on the clutch? Ladies mesh scarves on bag handles. It looks simple and very interesting. Some girls are just knotted to the host, and someone in the form of a bow.

it is Also now very popular, fully winding the handle on the bag with a scarf. Like the trend? Watch how to wear scarves on your bag, and you definitely will have to repeat the trend.

what to wear With scarves

Scarves go perfectly with all outerwear. In addition, they can wear warm autumn, the time when the jackets have not yet arrived. Usually products are with:

jacket; coat; coat; coats; cardigan; parkay; dress.

Consider what what to combine in the autumn-winter period. Learn how to wear a buff scarf, stole, jewelry, chunky knit with outerwear. Also look at the coolest ideas trendy combinations.


Picking a scarf, consider the style of his jackets. If it is concise and plain scarf can be better. For example, fringe or print. When the jacket is spectacular, Snood is better to choose in a restrained style. The image must be harmonious and balanced.

what jacket to wear scarves knit and bactus? Surround accessories and baktus look good with black leather jackets. The outfit with a great scarf is the new accents. How to wear a scarf with a leather jacket? Products-knit expressive in themselves, so often they are simply wrapped around the neck once.

Plaid and plain stoles are perfect for cozy autumn. How beautiful tie a scarf on a jacket? With the tippet you can experiment and tie it in a triangle or a node. Another way to tie a scarf for a jacket without a collar — bow. Above we already described how to do it.

jackets Inflated oversized desirable to combine with a wide scarves. This can be a Snood or stole. Too narrow accessories will look inharmonious. How to wear a scarf with jacket oversized? Snood worn in two turns, and stole or volume scarf set up one end behind your back.

How to tie scarf anorak

anorak complement Sodom, long and wide scarves, Bacchus, and tippet. The scarf can be performed under and on top of the hood. How to tie a scarf on a jacket in the winter? To the wind blew in the neck, neck twice wrapped over the hood or once underneath and once on top.

How to tie a scarf over jackets some other way? A very warm option to put the hood up and wrap the neck large knit scarf. If you take the tippet, you can come up with a more interesting texture. To nicely tie a scarf on a jacket with a hood, wrap neck stole one time and take a weak front harness. Well will look accessory, knotted triangle.

How beautiful tie a scarf on the neck over the jacket? Looks interesting interweaving knot when folding the scarf in half, throw on the neck and hold the ends through the loop. In addition to aesthetics, it is also warm. The photo clearly shows how to tie a scarf with a jacket with a hood.

What scarf to wear with a fur coat

Fur coat looks feminine and elegant. The scarf should be chosen especially carefully to the way has not lost its gloss. Win — win situation- painted pavloposadskie scarves. Lately scarves worn by our grandmothers, shone absolutely other paints. The girl in the fur coat and the silk scarf looks stylish and sophisticated.

How to wear a scarf with a fur coat? Ladies wear scarves as headgear, tying their slack harness in the front. In this way ask sunglasses and a small purse. Also the scarf can be tied in a different way: we throw it on his head, start the back ends and connect them.

If the coat without the collar how to wear a scarf? Wrap a neck scarf to get a triangle. Picking up the gloves to match the scarf, the outfit is just gorgeous. How beautiful tie a scarf on the coat? Try the model of the scarf in the form of a collar, which looks very appropriate on fur garments.

Another popular model — a coat with a hood. How to wear a scarf in such a case? Here, too, the actual silk scarves. They can be tie around the neck and worn as headgear.

How to wear a scarf with a fur coat with a collar

Creating an image with a coat with a collar, pushes away from personal preference. If you want to look chic, wear the stole inside. For a more intimate romantic image put on the accessory on top of the coat. Each of the two outfits is the highlight.

How to tie a scarf for a coat with a collar. The tippet can be woven knot, but you can loosely wrap around the neck and leave the front ends. Original will look the bow of the scarf, which is worn on the side. How to tie a scarf on the coat any other way? Tie the edges of the tippet and tie it as a Snood, making two or three turns around the neck.

How beautiful tie a scarf on the coat

sew Coats of not very thick fabric, so we carry them in the offseason. For the harmony in the way the scarf should be chosen with a light texture. With cloaks perfectly combined baktus, stoles, scarves. How to wear a scarf with a Cape? Women often wear scarves, tying them into a harness.

How to tie a scarf on the coat more interesting? Original looks like this: fold the scarf in striped tie loosely in the center of the node, throw a scarf on the neck and run the ends through the knot. Handkerchief, tied this way, you can put on a cloak and shirt. The cloak and scarf as headdress — also a win-win way.

Another idea how to tie a scarf into a Cape, somewhat similar to the previous one. We are again tying the knot, but not in the center of the handkerchief, and closer to the left or right edge. We apply on the neck and hold the second edge node.

How to tie a scarf on the hooded cloak

hooded Cloak combines well with the tippet. Wrap scarf around neck, join the ends for fringe and hide them in the folds of the canvas. It is fashionable to tie a scarf on the belt, and on any model of coat. The scarf can be tied together with a belt, and can be used alone as a belt.

How to tie a scarf on the coat with the collar

Capes with collar are combined with scarves tied inside and over the trench. It can be cozy plaid wraps, bactus and scarves. If you want experiments, tie a scarf on a belt or sleeve of the cloak. Believe me, the image will be very trendy.

what kind of scarf wearing sheepskin

Sheepskin retains heat well and is cold-resistant, so is an excellent option for cold winter. Outerwear is made from sheep skin, Karakul and goat. The skin is treated with special tools and turn. Coats are expensive because the are made of genuine leather. However, the investment is fully paid off: the product will protect you from the cold years.

How to wear a sheepskin coat with the scarf? Woolen stoles and bactus can fill up the inside and tie the top. Long bulky scarves wrapped once around the neck, leaving the front edges. With a sheepskin would be appropriate scarves-cowls and snudy. The clamp is often used instead of a cap: the first loop put on the neck, and the second I cover the head.

How to tie a scarf into a cardigan

Cardigan long jacket straight cut. The product can be with buttons, zipper and without accessories. There are models fitted and boxy. Cardigan length varies from mid thigh to calf. Typically, these sweaters we wear in spring, autumn or cool summer evening.

In the offseason, long jacket compliment the cosy Sodom, knitted scarf, Bacchus or tippet. How to wear a cardigan and a scarf? Photos of the fashion bloggers serve as a hint. Combine knitted texture: body strap with oversized cardigan. Long scarves, fold in half and tie in a large knot.

How to wear a parka with scarf

Parkay call long jacket sports style. Usually it comes with a hood and fur trimming. A jacket sewn from thick windproof and waterproof materials, so it can be worn in cold weather. Parks are renowned for their convenience and durability.

this jacket will be harmonious sports scarf buff. How to wear a Park with other types of scarves? Collect images with Sodom, three-dimensional knitted accessories, broad stoles of wool and battousai. How to tie a scarf on the Park with a hood? Apply here already listed the options: to throw one edge of the scarf back, to wear a collar in one or two turns, tie the tippet knot.

How to tie a scarf dress

Scarf on the dress bring flavor and an elegant finish. Dress for the release of the secular complete with a fur boa. Thanks to the accessory from the most simple outfit will turn out expensive and sophisticated. How beautiful tie a scarf on the dress? Take the silk scarf, wrap around neck and tie on one or two harness.

With the dresses perfectly combined shawls, which throws the shoulders and front stab with a pin. Office bow fit summer skinny scarves, scarves and stoles. Scarf tie up one of the mentioned ways and you will see how the clean look is transformed. To nicely tie a scarf on the neck on the dress, practice in advance. This will help to assemble quickly and look stylish.

Color combination

if no original was tied a scarf, if it is not the right color to outfit, all in vain. To avoid confusion, let us examine the top colors in the image. And, of course, will show clearly in the photo.

what to wear With grey scarf

the Grey color is quite universal and applies to achromatic — shades which are not present in the spectrum. Usually grey combined with beige, pink, white, red, blue and black. Also popular is the combination of different shades of gray in one outfit. This style is called "monochrome" or total look.

what to wear With grey scarf? Photos show that ladies wear long scarves in a neutral hue with a beige coat, dark skinny jeans and boots. To complete a bow laconic black clutch or handbag on the strap. Another option outfit — grey scarf, dark blue oversized coat, black pants and brown boots.

the Tippet gray wear with an oversized Burgundy cardigan, jeans and lace-up shoes. Pansies wear with scarf trench coat with delicate powdery shades, light pants and boots with a heel. Be sure to try the grey stole with a blue mantle. In this way you will look very refreshing.

what to wear With black scarf

Black color is a classic. Things in this shade included in the capsule closet — carefully selected 6-10 things of which it is possible to combine up to 15 stylish looks. Dark scarf legitimately claim the title of the underlying item of clothing.

what to wear With a black scarf for the woman who wants to look stylish? A stylish combination of dark Snood, jeans and high boots with a beige coat. Dark strap and a small bag appropriate to complement the outfit. Black stole looks good with gray or brown fur. You can also experiment with monochrome dark bow, adding an accent of bright handbag.

Burgundy coat of a free cut, blue jeans and boots combine with black surround Sodom. To light gray bubble jacket wear a dark tippet, skinny pants and boots on tractor sole. Black silk scarf with print decorates the image with a long dark blue coat and boots above the ankle.

what to wear With scarf plaid

Checkered motifs in clothing are a trend this season. Cage looks comfortable, stylish and original. Of course, a more impressive looking product with large checkered pattern. What to wear with a scarf in a cage? Photos of models depict interesting options: red stole with dark raincoat, a scarf with a gray coat and jeans beige stole into the cage and sudovym a trench coat and mustard pants.

To study for the light Golf skirt-bottoms, black pumps and red plaid scarf. Combine the accessory with knitted sweaters, the coats, trench coats and coats. Checkered pattern may be repeated in the shoes, your coat or purse.

what to wear With red scarf

Red scarf — a timeless classic. It will enliven even the most dull image. This color is combined with blue, gray, black, white, yellow, orange. There are many shades of red, so to find your right tone not too difficult.

what to wear With a red scarf? Photo bloggers show a cool bright tippet with a white trench, by sudovym coat and jacket ink color. A win — win combination-a red shawl and a dark leather jacket. In the cold season, combine cosy Snood with a blue coat and black skinny jeans. Looks great bow grey coat, infant shoes, a straight skirt and cowl in the red hue.

what to wear With beige scarf

Beige — the embodiment of tenderness and naturalness. He is absolutely everything and is out of trends. The girl in the beige dress looks elegant and chic. Very harmonious monochrome looks in nudemom the shade, especially if each element outfit will be a little different in tone.

Try the grey oversized coat, blue jeans and a cosy stole. To the image pick nudewww purse. Stylish looks of a bow skinny jeans, black boats, grey long jacket and beige scarf. Sudovye shades go well with a mustard color. Try to collect the outfit from beige stole and coat, a mustard handbag and boots.

what to wear With a Burgundy scarf

a shade of Burgundy named after French Bordeaux wines. Rich color we associate with something luxurious and expensive. In the past royalty was very fond of dress in Burgundy. Fashion on a rich hue not passed in our days.

what to wear With a Burgundy scarf? Instagram pics show girls dressed in the style of total outfit, wine wraps and a gray coat, maroon silk scarves and leather jackets. Scarf wine color will decorate the image of a soft pink coat and pastel pumps. Burgundy also goes well with orange, dark blue, yellow, light olive and a wardrobe staple.

what to wear With pink scarf

I Want to spring mood? Then the pink scarf is what you need. Wear pink with purple, Ludovisi, light, blue, grey and Burgundy shades. What to wear with pink scarf? Photos on the Internet show a mix of gentle wraps with grey sweaters and jeans, black trench coats, beige coats.

pink Summer silk scarf can be combined with a light blouse, blue Trouser suit or powdery airy dress. What to wear with pink scarf in the fall? Complete with a beige trench coat pale pink Bacchus, to lilac jacket oversized put on your tippet, but a way of boyfriend jeans, bright t-shirt and long grey cardigan dilute cosy Sodom.

what to wear With blue scarf

the Blue color looks a winner with turquoise, blue, mint, yellow, pink, white, and gray. Bow composed entirely of blue, looks very impressive. What to wear with blue scarf? Photo fashionistas are cool life hack. Alternatively, a blue stole can be worn with a plaid shirt and jeans.

Another idea stylish bow — blue-black long coat, jeans, dark oxfords and a Snood. Fans of casual design combine boyfriend jeans, leather jacket and oversized Snood. To create a welcoming bow, try mint turquoise loose coat with a blue knit scarf. Bag pick up in tone to a scarf.

what to wear With green scarf

Colors which shade of green goes well, white, blue, yellow, red, grey, orange. This can be a way from the mustard pants, yellow Golf jackets green tippet. Looks very cool oversized coat with dark shoes on a stable heel and long scarf with fringe. This add the gray mini-bag strap and glasses in the shape of cat eyes.

If your poncho without a mouth, complete with scarf. For example, wear skinny jeans and boots to go low, beige green poncho and Snood. Emerald scarf-knit, turquoise trench coat and blue jeans well combined. For cool summer outfit take the dress and scarf colors are lush green, and the shoes pick up the red shade.

what to wear With leopard print scarf

Animal print is a trend of the season. In fashion patterns, reminiscent of color Zebra, snake, leopard, tiger. Designers produce clothes, shoes and accessories with animal print. Animal motifs make the bow very expressive. However, it is important not to overdo it: in the same way it is desirable to use one or two elements with the animal print.

the Scarf with exotic pattern will fit almost any outfit. What to wear with leopard print scarf? Photos of celebrities dictate fashion. Beige pleated skirt, pastel Golf and the dark jacket complemented by appropriate leopard scarf around his neck. Orange sweatshirt and oversized, dark cropped pants and mules — something that you can wear a long scarf with animal print.

Parks khaki jacket and oversized too, quite harmonious with a bold accessory. From the pale grey dress, black sandals heels and leopard print scarf get a way with a touch of glamour. For bright onion combine the scarf with a red trench coat, dark breeches and mustard bottomtime.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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