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The gramophone, radioslave and Yandex.Sock: what changed at the Station Mini

Blog Yandex 22.11.2019 at 12:00

Blog Yandex

Many houses kept the old audio equipment from tube radios the size of a small chest of drawers and portable transistors to the boomboxes of the nineties. At times it is just "furniture" — these days records, of needle, bobbin and simply audio tapes were a rarity.

on October 30, the date on Yandex.Station Mini, we have conducted the action proposed to exchange obsolete or unnecessary audio device on our smart column with voice control. In Station Mini lives Alice. It not only includes music and the radio and tells the children stories, but also gets alarm clock, reminiscent of the cases reported about the weather and traffic and controls your smart home — what will agree, it is difficult to expect from grandmother's gramophone.

We have reserved for stock thousands of Mini Stations and received in exchange 1083 old device. (Some participants took two or three devices, but under the rules we were given strictly one Station in hand.) The most popular device for sharing was portable speakers — they brought almost every second participant. There were also many inexpensive computer speakers, cassette recorders and music centers.

However, among the devices there are also interesting specimens. Some are so we liked that we decided to make those who brought them another gift — a great Yandex.Station. At the same time we asked people to tell the story of his techniques and share experiences from smart speakers.

mark Turns

brought radiogram "Ural-112"

Radiola for many years stood in the garage. I remembered it when I read about the event in telegram-channel, Yandex. Formal radiogram belongs to the grandfather, I asked, can I exchange it for a modern smart column, and found that grandpa didn't mind. I am learning programming and going through a course on data science on the online platform Skillbox, so I am interested in all new technologies, including Station Mini. Plan to release for Alice, and your skill on how to do them, I learned in School "Alice" on YouTube.

Anton Babenko,

brought His gramophone Master's Voice

My record player designed for old records, 78 rpm. These records usually made of shellac. Shellac record is thicker than vinyl and is much more fragile — if you drop it on the floor, she is likely to break. Nowadays these plates relative rarity. I found them at flea markets, but often with traces of wear. The fact is that they were once lost on gramophones with steel needles. Needles of steel, in fact, a one-time thing: listened to one side of the plate, change the needle. If this rule were neglected, and the plate was covered with scratches and becomes unsuitable for listening. A true fan of retroblasting, however, did not work out. When I found out about the share of Yandex, I caught myself thinking that the last time wound up the gramophone for more than a year ago, when I came to visit friends.

In the Station of the Mini I'm attracted to the small size and gestures. Interesting and very form factor of the speakers — I talked with Alice just on the phone. Still want to try a smart home. I already have a robot vacuum cleaner — thanks Mini I will be able to include in his voice. Now I think to buy another light bulb and socket.

Dmitry Kosorukov,

brought a tape recorder-Boombox theme

at First I was planning to bring the jar-column and a pull-out radio, but thought it was too corny. The idea is to take an old radio and turn it in Yandex.The tape came to mind before the action. The cause I took seven o'clock in the evening: gutted the inside, cleaned the building, painted. Because of the rush the paint has time to dry, so there were stains. But the device in working condition — you can listen to radio! Before meeting with the Station Mini any voice assistants, I did not use. Now, of course, I will use Alice.

Denis Peshekhonov,

brought a reel-to-reel tape recorder "Comet MG-201M"

VCR I bought on "Avito" shortly before the event. The idea was to change it: to put in the old building a new filling. But now I have a little free time, and I knew that if were to do this project, soon. Decided that the Mini Station I need — I use a lot Alice, I write for her skills and even won the award of Alice. I already have a red Station, purchased by subscription. Mini I'm attracted to music mode with gestures and small size — at the time to put in the kitchen.

Nikita Krasikov,

brought Radiotehnika radio Abava RP-8330

For receiver I specifically went to the small home, in Saratov. The receiver belonged to the late grandfather. He twice something it was perephial to improve the sound quality. The exchange became for me a symbol of transition to new technologies. I use Alice on your smartphone — you can say that without it I as without hands. In the Mini I was most impressed with the change of the volume with the flapping of the palm — the future is now!

the Qizil Arsalan Ukhinov,

brought radio receiver "VEF-317"

the Receiver for a long time gathered dust at home. Parents in the nineties bought to replace him, less bulky, and over time, the need for radio really disappeared. Once the "WEF" gave the games to my second cousins brothers and sisters — since you have decals, and then he came back to us, and he played for me. Change it to the Mini Station was not sorry. On the smartphone I have been using Alice because she's significantly smarter than assistants from other companies. Voice assistants are already part of everyday life, and sometimes to do without them is difficult. I'm sure with time they will play in our lives increasingly important role.

Nicholas L.,

brought radioslave

Inside my device charge radiokonstruktor that I've got over 13 years ago. I remember my delight when I heard the first melody through the receiver, made with your own hands! After learning about the campaign, I was thinking about the cost. I bought a pack of instant noodles and turned it into a body — turned radioslave. To leave the receiver was difficult, it meant a lot to me. But when I took it out of the package, gave the staff of Yandex and saw their smiles, all doubts have disappeared.

Michael Tkachenko,

brought Yandex.Sock

I am a student yagtu, engaged in repair of mobile equipment and computers, and now I write the diploma, the topic of which is connected to the smart home. Yandex.The toe is a device, which I did specially to the action of the old Bluetooth speakers. The base of the housing is Styrofoam — it is durable, lightweight and easy to handle. I took out the speakers and speaker fee, spaced foam future device, cut the hole, soldered the wires, replaced the old dead battery for a fresh and added a plate for wireless charging. I don't have a 3D printer that could print the case, so I decided to wrap a column with a cloth — sock was at the time. The Inscription "Yandex.Socks" embroidered my girlfriend. She made a label with the letter I, as the Station Mini.

Alexander Menkov,

brought electrophone "Russia-325S-1"

Electrophone "Russia" my mother and grandmother bought in the early nineties in one of the shops in Nizhny Novgorod. The house had already been the suitcase "Youth-301", the satellite home celebrations and mom's school discos. And here such luck, two devices in one: and a player, and VCR. Beautiful, modern and loud — complete with him went the speakers. Of course, he decorated the room and was proud in an era of deficit. But my mom graduated from high school and left for College, and my grandmother still listened to the old "Youth-301". It turned out that "Russia-325" was standing in the room only for beauty. When moving to Moscow, mum has brought both players. This collecting dust in the attic, then the garage. When we found out about the share of Yandex decided — change. But the suitcase "Youth-301" we continue to keep is the memory of my grandmother very much, she loved him.

once upon a time I saw the gestures in one prototype of the portable speakers. It looked insanely cool. I still don't understand why the device never came to market. And here Yandex — boom! — produces such a miracle. It's not just the volume you can change the tracks to look like, but the theremin added! Well, as so not to get, huh?

Devices that have historical value, we put in the Museum of Yandex. For example, there you can see defloralation "the Legend of P-405T", portable radios, "Falcon" and "Selga", option "Parus M-213S" and other equipment. IED will also remain in Yandex.

the Rest of the equipment went to the recycling to get a new life. Plastic and wire went to the factories in Zelenograd — the plastic will go on the insert for the glass, and the wires will extract copper wires for the smelters.

Metal parts are transferred to companies engaged in scrap collection. From electronic scrap to the plant in Podolsk get metallokoncentrat — he will go to a refinery for extraction of precious metals.