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In the "Prank Show" "Humour FM" launched a stellar prank

IA "My Altai" 25.11.2019 at 08:18

Information portal Altai Krai and Altai Republic

Prank – the calling card of the morning broadcast "Humor FM". Running a very funny phone bullying "Give 5" and "Holiday of childhood", which received a lively response from the audience, leading a "Prank Show" gosh Gagloev and Artem Shevelev on the example shown on the radio, the genre is once again in demand. For more than a year gosh and Artem check the customer-orientation of various companies and play people in their birthday, and now their initiative was supported by stars of show-business. Together with leading "Humor FM" celebrity now organize rallies for their equally famous friends.

How it all began? Recently in the Studio "Joke Show" began to come popular artists, entertainers, bloggers, Mikhail Galustyan, Timur Rodriguez, Lupatini, Kirill Nechaev sang, joked, ran the flash mobs and denounced the rumors about himself. However, in the show, one of the main pieces of which are prank phone calls, do not pay attention to them stars just could not.

the First prank staged by Dmitry Koroma. Known KVN player decided to catch an actress and TV presenter Alla micheev, offering her to become an advertising face of carwash network. For quick promotion, he even advised to ride the wave of hype and wash painted Alexey Panin, as if playing the campaign's slogan is: "We clean any reputation."

– It was the best offer – confessed Alla Mikheeva after Dmitry Kogoma and leading "Humor FM" exposed. – But Panini, guys, you blew it.

But Dmitry Khrustalev, who live "Prank Show," played the colleague program "Evening Urgant" Vladimir Marconi, the trick is not noticed. And although the comedian has refused to participate in the proposed venture – to go in Turkey with Vladimir Marconi a hair transplant procedure, still was willing to lend each other the necessary amount. Well, gosh and Artem time intervened.

– well Done! – could not hide the admiration Dmitry Khrustalev. The first time I was caught and led.

meanwhile, the leading "Prank Show" promise: it will be even more interesting!

See the full video versions of the star draws on the YouTube channel "Humor FM" ( or Here you can see the other videos from the Studio featuring celebrity guests of the morning "Joke Show."