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TNT turns "Interns" in "Multirow"

IA "My Altai" 25.11.2019 at 09:47

Information portal Altai Krai and Altai Republic

On 23 November on TNT, the premiere of the series "Alterna" — the first in the history of animation channel project created on motives of a popular Russian sitcom "Interns".

In 2016, the final season of the sitcom about Dr. Bykov and his team received the award TEFI, after which the project was completed. Three years later, "Interns" on TNT return in the form of the animated series "Alterna".

"Interns" – it's 6 years old, 13 seasons, 280 episodes, thousands of memes from Dr. Bykov, millions of views online and tens of millions of viewers smile. That's two "film about film", more than fifty characters (not counting extras) and 12 invited celebrities. This is a major breakthrough Russian TV in the early 2010s, the enthusiasm of those critics that to "Interns" are never praised series, and the first Russian sitcom, which is downloaded from torrents is that and TV ratings were a record (in 2010, the "Interns" started with a viewership share of 16.9% and lower this bar was not down).


Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov, producer Interns have become popular Comedy, and the production of "Multirow" — a chance to extend the life of the series, his characters, a world that we all so loved. "Alterna" is an opportunity to take a look at our favorite heroes from the other side. Besides in real life we have a lot of restrictions, for example, we will never overcome the laws of physics. Animation most barriers takes, is pure creativity, imagination.

Konstantin Sabirov, creative producer: "Alterna" is a unique project though, because the plots of each animated series already existed in the TV series "Interns" and was shown on TNT. The work of the writers was to figure out how to send them from a new angle, with new jokes".

Vladimir Fedorov, creative producer: "We wanted to make a humorous animated series. Why we chose it for the "Intern"? Think of it as our subjective position. But let us not think, maybe in the near future on TNT there will be other animated series".

Valentin Kulikov, creative producer: "we Have our favorite animated series, but we tried to avoid any similarity with them. Wanted to do something unique, original, unrepeatable."

Romanenko will again dilute Lamonica on all sorts of adventures, and he in turn will continue to diligently rebate. Varvara Chernous to run Romanenko and listen to the gossip of their mother, and she will once again be hooking up with Levin at the front of the entire hospital. And, of course, Ivan Kupitman Satanic will continue to change your talent of venereal diseases in cognac. What Dr. Bykov? Thanks to the magic power of animation, its capabilities will be completely limitless. What could not afford a real doctor Bulls of flesh and blood, with joy and superhuman enthusiasm will make animation a tyrant in a white coat.

See "Multirow" on Saturdays at 13:00 on TNT!