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Paper comics. "Batman," Scott Snyder's "Zero year" The article 25.11.2019 at 06:57

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"how do I look?" – Bruce asks Alfred, abrev his head. "Aerodinamico, sir," he says laconically.

Scott Snyder took the trouble to clean up gotaskie questionnaires and to talk about how Bruce Wayne became Batman and Red Hood Joker.

a fragment of the reversal of the graphic novel Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo "Batman: Zero year" Darkness, chaos, panic... So, wherever he came, whoever he was, that is so sick or healthy, if he's a little to dispel the gloom, I only thanks will tell him.

"Dark city", the second part of this noble volume volume, completes the initiated, bringing together many lines, and giving the novel a completely different dimension. Here in the center of the story is already the Riddler: staging the accident, he picked up "the voltage at the Central node of an urban grid"; called it "the pulse burned out the whole section responsible for the center of the city."

But not only that, "our city is paralyzed by a terrorist" and soon is coming a powerful storm in Gotham there is also a new "psycho who injected people something or other and turns their bones into the trees," Doctor Death, soon finds out as his nickname Batman.

Gordon, I should have listened to you! There would be so many victims! None of this would be! It's my fault, Gordon! I've got it all wrong! Can you hear me?!

– I Hear you... But we are all to blame. But only realized this too late.

the Panel from a graphic novel by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo "Batman: Zero year"

In the next act, the Riddler goes even further, capturing all the power and announcing the beginning of a new era: that's what really means the year Zero, literally, not figuratively. Completely defeating coast, inundating tunnels, mined bridges and crossings, turning the city centre into the jungle Nigma made his Gotham cut off from the world – "neither in or out" – "deadly Playground".

No brute force, no electronic stuff, just a battle of intellects. After all, what is war, not a struggle between two strategies? Two minds, hovering over the battlefield? This is its essence.

"Now operates only one rule: smarter or die," communicating with gothamite every night live, the Riddler calls them "engage brain", armed with intelligence and wit – and "offers to make him a mystery. And if he does not respond, then return the city to the people."

the Weakness we have to outwit. Now, in these difficult times, the trick – our only salvation. Retreating glaciers. Dwindling resources. The overpopulation. International conflicts. The world's largest economy is on the verge of collapse... I just jogged the course of events.

the Panel from a graphic novel by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo "Batman: Zero year"