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The court found that Apple had not sold user data to iTunes — the largest website about iPhone, iPad, Mac in Russia 27.11.2019 at 07:00

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Apple accused of trade data iTunes users, but there's no evidence yet

Trade user data – a common occurrence in today's world. Many companies only to collect information about their customers in order to sell them and get a lot of money for it. And as a buyer for this kind of product is always there. Advertisers, data brokers, and many who are still willing to buy up any data that help to build a virtual portrait of every person to be able to track its interests and promote a particular product. Apple, in its words, nothing similar has never worked, but there were those who felt that the company was lying.

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This spring, three residents of the state of Rhode island has filed a lawsuit against Apple, which accused it of trade data iTunes users. According to them, the company sells personal information of its customers on different platforms like Carney Direct Marketing and SRDS, as well as in no way restricts developers of third-party players to listen to music in the collection of the same data. To do this in iOS even has a special tool called MPMediaQuery.songs.Query() of the MediaPlayer framework.

Apple sells user data?

to be able to conduct a full trial, the court required evidence that the plaintiffs promised to provide as part of the process. However, as it turns out, they have no way to either confirm your vision, but because the judge was forced to leave the claim without movement for lack of evidence, however, allowing applicants to re-file. But because the plaintiffs chose not to remedy the violation in a statement, all further proceedings were dismissed for lack of evidence.

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Apparently, the authors of this lawsuit, like many others before them, just wanted easy money, hoping that the information that they were able to get that pass for evidence. However, the judge found that the mere presence in the iOS tool that allows to collect metadata of users, does not prove that Apple neglects the privacy of its customers and has been selling their personal information. And if the plaintiffs refused to submit the second appeal, it means they have understood that in this case they catch something.

Apple admits data breach in the past

However, whether Apple does is sinless, too, would be wrong. Despite the fact that expose the company to sell user data to anyone else and failed, there are cases when public access was personal data of its employees. The last time the Network leaked information about more than 2000 people, which included names, official and personal e-mail address, date of actual acceptance for work and even a time zone in which these people work.

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is Quite significant that the leak has not caused any claims to Apple, although such a neglect of the data of their own employees was seriously going to excite the public. In the end, if in Cupertino leaked information about hired workers, there is no guarantee that sometime in the future the same will happen with the data of its clients. This will give the attackers plenty of opportunities for collection of additional information, which until now, fortunately, did not happen, at least on a large scale.