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Haval F7x And now got everything?

MComp 27.11.2019 at 15:31

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At the presentation of their cars, Chinese manufacturers have discovered the secret fancy names Haval is an abbreviation for "have all" (keep all), because, as you know, as you a boat name, so it will float. Whether Haval F7x consistent with its name?

If you do not go into subjectivism, then look at F7x at least presentable, some even compare it with the "Lexus". However, its size and "solidity" must be avoided review. To the extent that passing on Hawala for some time, you can ask the question: why do I need a wiper on the rear window? Still, in this sense, help convenient side glass, good camera and sensors. The landing in F7x slightly less than F7, because of the slant of the roof, however, feels it is only if the passenger growth of more than 185 see the rest, there is enough space, you can sit comfortable eco leather upholstery is softer than the predecessor. Another significant difference in design is the absence in the new Hawala panoramic roof, but its necessity is a rhetorical question. You can also note the excellent work of near and far light.

Under the hood "Hawala" all a little better than the competitors in the class: 190-strong two-liter gasoline engine. It is enough in order to confidently carry a massive car, consumption is not very high: 8-9 liters / 100 km. the car starts fine in the cold, standing still, just 15 minutes to fully warm up. The climate control works pretty quickly, and a heated steering wheel and seats works too well: at some point it has to shut down they are too warm, but after turning off stay warm for a long time.

the transmission protection is not allowing you to conquer on the "Hawala" some mountain tops, much of the robot should not be expected, but these machines still are bought to drive around town than with robotic transmission copes, giving relatively comfortable handling and reliability.

overall, we cannot say that this time the "Hawala" F7x "gave all". But he at least gave a comfortable and safe family car, another issue is that it costs almost two million roubles, which in terms of availability makes it not the most competitive car for our market.

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