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Andrei Bocharov on the protection of rights of investors: "this year, 656 families have already received housing"

News — Volgograd 27.11.2019 at 09:33

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

The Governor of the Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov held a meeting at the site of the LCD "Park European" in the Kirov district of Volgograd, where he set objectives for further work on the completion of problem objects and restore the rights of defrauded investors.

In the LCD "Park European" commissioned two of 13 houses — work is conducted on the approved with the participation of the shareholders with the plan. 269 families have already had housewarming or carry out repairs in the long-awaited apartments. The head of the region appreciated the quality of housing, and also considered together with the leadership of the developer, OOO "Peresvet-South" and the initiative group questions the commissioning of the next period.

"it is important that the work go. We understand the complexity of — the problems are different, they are not always associated with financial opportunity. There are too many legal intricacies, conflicts which have to be overcome and this takes time, — said Andrey Bocharov. — Here we see a good example of interaction with residents — those who were in a difficult situation with the initiative group. Not all depends on the Builder, from the actions of the authorities".

Recall, LCD "Park European" — the largest long-term construction in the region. It started to build in 2012 the company "Orion", which is a Federal development GK "Kvartstroy". The complex was frozen in 2016: the readiness of the facilities ranged from 0 to 30%. The government has committed financial irregularities, resulting in the shortage of funds for completion has exceeded one billion rubles. The Governor Andrei Bocharov said that 1390 families investors will not leave alone with the trouble. Thanks to the whole complex of measures developed by the regional administration, to the completion of "European Park" had attracted a new developer. Construction resumed in 2018 the question contributed to a constructive position themselves real estate investors who have worked with the authorities with a single command. According to an updated plan in the first quarter of 2020 will be entered three more MCD, but only until the end of next year — six, remaining until the end of 2023.

In the course of the meeting, head of the region highlighted the tasks to other problematic objects.

"We looked at the whole experience of the country, where they went on ahead, taking a complex of measures for the completion of such houses. Created a regional Fund of protection of the rights of citizens-participants of shared construction, which gives the possibility of attracting public funds for completion of problem objects. This year 656 families received housing: we aim more 800 families to provide housing. The next year, there are still 30 houses, seven of which are still pending," — said Andrey Bocharov.

the Governor has set the task in the first quarter of 2020 to conduct an interagency meeting with the participation of deputies of the Volgograd regional Duma on the protection of the rights of the deceived shareholders: "We'll have to figure out where are the sources of funding to finish the houses. Or determine what needs to be done if to finish them impossible."

will Add in 2014 in cooperation with law enforcement and Supervisory authorities have managed to restore the rights of about 6000 families investors, after completing 62 protracted. In particular, in 2019 put eight of these high-rise buildings. Until the end of December, the developers had undertaken to put into operation as much again, allowing for the current year to resolve the issue for one and a half thousand families. We are talking about MCD in the residential complex "Atlant", "emerald city", "Soviet", "Med", and the objects in Erzovka, Razgulyaeva, Volzhsky. Special control stay 38 facilities listed in the regional list of distressed homes.

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