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The implementation of the overhaul program in the Volgograd region: another house-a monument set in order

News — Volgograd 27.11.2019 at 12:00

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

On all 24 objects of cultural heritage of regional significance included in the short-term plan 2019, completed a major work on the overhaul. The acceptance of the historical building on Lenin street, 23 in the Central area of Volgograd has taken place today — active participation in the quality assessment of contractor performed the work took the residents themselves.

the House built in 30-ies of the last century was restored after the great Patriotic war: the building the fourth storey was added. Overhaul in this volume is held here for the first time: the contractor has updated the roof, basement, facade, restored pre-war elements of balconies. In addition, installed new wiring: other engineering networks will be replaced by the decision of the owners of the common property in the next period.

will Add, according to the UNO "Regional Fund for major repairs", at the moment the work was completed by 154 MKD, included in the plan of 2019. The rest, according to the contracts will be ready before the end of December. Since the beginning of the implementation of the 2014 programme of capital repair of covered 1344 apartment building; improved living conditions for about 82 thousand families. In 2020, resperator plans to upgrade 500 MCD, including 152 of them to replace the 198 elevators. Note also that the rate of contributions for the repair in the Volgograd region remains one of the lowest in the southern Federal district, while there are a number of social support measures for residents.

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