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In the Volgograd region continues a comprehensive update of children's medical institutions

News — Volgograd 27.11.2019 at 12:00

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

More than 200 units of equipment, including ten modern digital radiography units, entered service specialists children's medical institutions of the Volgograd region from the beginning of 2019. In total this year is planned to be upgraded 17 organizations providing outpatient care to the young people of the region.

According to information from the regional health Department, another health facility, where he completed the repairs and installation of new equipment, became the children's hospital № 1 of Volgograd. It is composed of two out-patient departments, the hospitals with 50 beds and a day hospital stay 60 beds. In the framework of the priority regional project "Development of child healthcare" of the national project "Health" outpatient clinics agencies have replenished more than ten pieces of expensive equipment, including the received ultrasound, x-ray machine, ENT harvester, laser, and electrosurgical devices.

the outpatient Department made a covered pram storage room, an open registry with information machines, electronic scoreboard with the schedule of reception of doctors, organized call-center, a play area for children, a room for nursing babies and infants, navigation system, zones a comfortable stay in the block of healthy child and Cabinet x-ray. An overhaul in the radiology office, purchased equipment and furniture.

improving the quality and accessibility of health care in the sphere of motherhood and childhood — the part of the Governor's project of laying the foundations for a unified modern patient-oriented system of health of the Volgograd region. Andrey Bocharov has enlisted the support of the President in addressing the key problems in this area. The region has already repaired more than 400 health facilities; started designing the regional multidisciplinary children's hospital in the Soviet area, a new maternity hospital, the hospital No. 25 in the Dzerzhinsk region; in the active phase ten on counseling centers for women; continues the renewal of the children's reanimation. Only until 2024 in the health sector, a 42 major projects totaling over 13 billion rubles.

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