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Major events in quick lotteries from 18 to 24 November

Gosloto. Lottery news. 26.11.2019 at 13:34

News Russian lottery lotteries and the world lottery news.

250 048 participants a quick lottery win last week. Held a drawing of super prizes "Rapido" and "Duel".


Statistics. Took the 630 runs. Participants bought 378 345 tickets and noted 468 839 combinations.

the most Important thing. Until November 22 the lottery was held the event: tickets cost from 300 rubles, and a guaranteed Grand prize was 5 000 000. Wins in other categories, too, were more. For example, 8+0 correct numbers, the winner received 300 thousand rubles.

the Super prize was drawn in 168687-m circulation. 20 Nov party from Ufa bought a ticket for 300 rubles in a retail outlet. He won 5 million rubles.

Total. 84 987 people won. Together, they won 73 305 350 rubles. And you win!

"Rapido 2.0"

Statistics. Held by 546 runs. Participated in 221 564 of the ticket was marked 282 201 combination.

the most Important thing. The super prize of the lottery was drawn. One of the participants was able to guess the 8 digits in the first part of the field, and 0 in the second. He became the owner of 60 thousand rubles.

Total. 51, 698 participants won. The sum of their wins was 7 612 260 rubles.


Statistics. Held 595 runs. The participants bought a 159 784 ticket and chose 196 436 combinations.

the most Important thing. Last week the super prize of the lottery was drawn and now stands at more than a million rubles. Win it by matching all 12 numbers or not guess no. Do it right now!

Total. Just a "12/24" won 43 034 man. The amount of wins — 5 158 860 rubles.

the Duel

Statistics. Held 603 circulation. Participants acquired 89 375 tickets and said 110 320 combinations.

the most Important thing. The Grand prize was played twice.

In 110606-m draw the lucky resident of Yekaterinburg. November 19, he bought a ticket on the website for 30 rubles and won 412 1 175 rubles.

And in 111096-m draw to win a super prize managed party from St. Petersburg. November 24, he bought a ticket for 7 runs on the mobile version of the website for 210 rubles and won 345 960 rubles.

Total. 30 935 participants won. In the totality of their winnings amounted to 2 900 025 rubles.

"Top 3"

Statistics. Hosted 612 runs. Participants bought 177 886 tickets and chose 232 905 combinations.

the most Important thing. 95 people have won 30 000, and 47 — 20 000. In the "Top 3" there are eight different ways of playing. Try each!

Total. Just won 2162 participant. Wins in total 7 034 730 rubles.


Statistics. Took 672 circulation. Was purchased 134 809 tickets and selected 158 373 combination.

the most Important thing. In the "KENO-Sportloto" you decide how many numbers to guess how much to win. Try to note 8 digits: guess all will win 500 thousand rubles!

Total. Lucky 37 232 participants. They will receive 3 861 200 rubles.

From 18 to 24 November, the winners won more than 100 million rubles. And right now, tickets for "Rapido 2.0", "12/24", "Top 3", "Duel" and "the Joker" are cheaper: from 20 rubles. It's Black Friday! Buy more tickets to improve your chances of winning!

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