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Slave () clips from movies 29.11.2019 at 12:20

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Young major Gregory played in beautiful life and decided that he can do anything. He did a lot of things, and now he faces jail. To fix his son, desperate father-the oligarch goes to extreme measures. Together with his old friend-a psychologist, he comes up with a unique project: on the basis of the abandoned village recreates the atmosphere of Russia of the nineteenth century. Grisha gets in a rigged accident and supposedly transported back in time. In fact, over it is a sophisticated psychological experiment — spoiled majeure converted into ordinary slave Gregory, who lives in the barn on the territory of the lordly manor. He is surrounded by actors, whose goal is to change his life and personality. His every movement is closely following the team psychologist with many cameras. Grisha will have to re-learn how to communicate with people to appreciate simple pleasures, to work, and find true love.


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