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How to maintain cleanliness in the office? :.: Article 28.11.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Probably all remember grandmothers-cleaners, who washed the floor in hospitals, shops and other public areas. Look askance, MOP, which seems to be ready to wipe a hole in the floor, and, of course, the crown: "go, and go there. Where are washed, there is nothing to trample it!" The flowers were watered by the staff, regularly organize cleanups and General cleaning with the involvement of all staff, and cobwebs on the ceilings were waiting for fresh whitewash. Not to say that Technicals completely cover the issue of cleanliness and order. Now what? Often in the offices remains the same — the habit of the staff include a cleaner or, as now written in the staffing, "cleaner room", she comes once a day and washes the floors, takes out the garbage. The rest is in the hands of employees. Workplace is tidied up, and the rest as it will. Clean and fresh air is important not only for visitors but for all workers. Bright clean room I want to look beautiful, so people are starting to dress in business style, there is a proper environment and labour productivity increasing. Although it would seem, it's just cleaner. So it's really important employee that affect the quality of the work. To verify this, we propose to conduct an experiment and send your Technicals on vacation, and it's time to order cleaning of an office in Moscow. Usually, cleaning companies are entering into a contract for a month, so you will have time to compare. What services do you get? You can contact the company and consult — it's free, has no obligations, so we recommend to start with this step. Roughly determine what schedule you need for your office, what type of cleaning. The list of services a cleaning company Legis Cleaning included many positions: General cleaning.A daily housekeeping service.Washing Windows.Cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets.Cleaning of the adjacent area if necessary.Removal of unpleasant smells.Cleaning after repair and fires. The company will give you only the approximate cost. Accurate estimates for work you will be given after inspection of the premises, which is free, very soon after the first time. Why the cleaning company better staff member? You will come to a team of professionals. Depending on the terms of the agreement, it could be any time in which employees will not be distracted from work. Don't have to think about buying extra detergent, buckets, brushes, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment. Cleaning will come with their equipment and professional chemistry. Please note that the company Legis Cleaning to the choice of chemistry are responsible and prefer funds with no smell, safe for the environment, made from biodegradable components. The cleaning company will not go to the hospital, the staff allows you to always find a replacement in case of force majeure circumstances. All you have to do is to renew the contract as needed, and the storage of mops and buckets can be transformed into an extra closet. If you haven't tried, recommend. You can start with just washing Windows. Let light into your office! ...