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The advantages of brick walls

All about chainsaws 28.11.2019 at 07:22

All about chainsaws, their device and related materials and equipment

Among the key building materials for many years it was possible to meet ceramic bricks. The situation persists today, because the material can withstand high loads without signs of strain for many years. Before you choose the final option for masonry, it is useful to consider the advantages of brick, the most important when working with him. You should start with strength. Bricks can have the 75-300 mark M, which indicates the maximum load with which to handle the material. If we are talking about low-rise constructions, we can use the bricks of M 100, and for the construction of larger designs you will need materials with a higher brand.

to understand how many bricks will be required for construction, it is sufficient to use a calculator The website presents a handy program for determining the area of the walls, which user should have the minimum dimensions of the structure or room.

For masonry material important item is the frost resistance of the material. The rate of freezing/thawing indicates the number of repetitions of this cycle, which maintains the brick flawlessly. The index varies from F 35 and more. The higher the setting, the longer the brick will be able to maintain its structure under the influence of climatic circumstances.

the Construction material must be fire resistant. In this respect, brick is among the leaders. He endures the exposure to open flame source, and the range of temperatures at which the brick retains its shape, is quite extensive. The material does not support combustion, which distinguishes masonry from the frame. Masonry has been successfully used in ventilation shafts and chimneys. It will be a great choice to finish the fireplace. The material shows good soundproofing. For this reason, it can be found when you create the external and internal walls. Brick stops air noise or acoustic waves, allowing you to enjoy the comfort inside the room.

any contemporary human ecology plays an important role in the selection of masonry material. In this respect, brick is a good choice, ensuring sustainability at the level of the best representatives of the construction materials today. The material will not become a breeding ground for fungus, moss or mould.

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