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Meeting with the President of the world economic forum Klaus Martin Schwab

During a trip to St Petersburg Vladimir Putin met with President of the world economic forum Klaus Martin Schwab.

the meeting was attended by the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin.

* * *

Vladimir Putin: Mr Schwab, allow me to warmly welcome You, good to see You again.

We all know the condition of the world economy today. There are many problems, uncertainty factors a large amount and accumulate more and more.

the Rate of world GDP decline. Trade generally, according to the WTO, instead of the projected four percent, will be 1.2 percent.

So this international platform as yours – the world economic forum in Davos, of course, demand and brings considerable benefit, supports people in their desire to work openly within the framework of existing international law, helps to establish contacts between business people and government officials.

this is Why we have always maintained a relationship with Your forum, the founder of which You are, and will continue to support. And of course, the Russian representatives have always been and will continue to participate in your events.

We hold similar events aimed at establishing business contacts with Russian partners. You know, here in St. Petersburg conducting the St. Petersburg economic forum, and in the far East and Siberia, and South Russia. So we look up to you. And hopefully we have not supplied, and work, so to speak, in unison.

K. Schwab (retranslated) : Mr President, thank you for the warm welcome. We have do many years of good cooperation. For me it was always important that the Russian representatives have participated in our events in Davos. It's always had special meaning to me.

And with the time You were last on the forum, things have changed. We are developing. Today in Switzerland we are an international organization. Our goal, as You already said, to strengthen cooperation between "Delavigne" and government agencies.

We are convinced that the significant challenges we face today, whether the problems of climate and ecology, or problems of economic growth, can only be solved through cooperation, and at the global level.

I would like to Express my positive emotions, I spent two days in Moscow. And some people call me the father of the fourth industrial revolution. I wrote a book about it and want You to give her.

I also heard, including from the Minister Oreshkin, Russia in this plan have made significant progress, especially in the quest to develop artificial intelligence. We wonder about how to deal with these challenges, including through global cooperation. We believe that special problems arise in building cooperation on a global level in the field of new technologies. We need new global standards, new ethical standards, including the development of artificial intelligence technologies. That's why we've created a network of centres where we analyze the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.