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Book Runet


Play MMORPGs. Recently, some "gifted" eccentrics with the letter M suffer from exacerbation, they run and kill all who will see. What wearing not very much, so often thrown at those who AFK. Playing is absolutely impossible - for 2 minutes, leave, come back - not only that, killed and lost a bunch of items, so once you see how that thing is trying to outrage over you (the game does not provide, but another to call these strange movements can not)

Write to tech support with a request to restrict logon to the server of younger students, as well as something to do with the situation. Brought a couple of proposals for change.

In response to receiving a message something like "Tra-La-La, we are sad that you got a sad experience. Have something to suggest or ask another question, if they have remained"

for some reason, I remember the native police with the words "You were given PI..y in a neighboring yard? So Neher was there to walk! Any more questions?"

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