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What makes the chicken when you lay an egg?

Zadolba!whether 29.11.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I'm a little addicted to running, in social networks many cross country friends and I am a little sick of the habit many of them put in a social network all their runs.

And not even one post and three or four: the first post — photos with Jogging, the second post — skrinshotik of the track, the third post — link running in the tracker, and even sometimes the comment "I ran"!

as in the tape I have half a dozen runners, the whole thing was composed tracks. It's all the same what to write about how we ate, slept, went to work.

I understand that when a person writes that for the first time ran a marathon or ran ten hour/fifty/forty minutes, but why inform the world about what you just ran?

that's why it is clogging information space? If for yourself or statistics then there are plenty of applications to save tracks, but why Facebook? For bragging rights? But what is special is that you again today ran? To motivate yourself?

Well lay out the records at least weekly reviews, but not all in a row.