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In the Black sea may be a powerful earthquake

NEWS PLANET 29.11.2019 at 16:26

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Local media reported that recently the Black sea there is something very strange. The constantly changing level of the sea, which goes on more than a hundred metres, the newly flooded shore. Experts did not comment on the situation, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM

the Latest news at all surprised. Moreover, that was sunk by the shore, so it is still and threw a huge amount of jellyfish. Experts say that the cause of jellyfish may be the oncoming storm. But these creatures are very sensitive to all changes and in the event of an approaching storm, swim as far as possible into the sea.

it Was proved that jellyfish can react to infrasound, a frequency that is 10 Hz and the changes that occur in electric fields. They begin to sail to the places where capacity is as low as possible. Accordingly, we can conclude, that in the Black sea very soon will be some seismic event, and jellyfish swim as far away from the epicenter.

of Course, the behavior of jellyfish does not give a 100% guarantee that will happen earthquake, but this has already been observed in Thailand in 2015. Then on the shore thrown a lot of jellyfish and a few days later the earthquake happened, the force of which reached the level of 8 balls. This is not always, but still need to be prepared for a possible strong earthquake.