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The Barnaul expressed dissatisfaction with urban transport

Vkurse 22 24.11.2019 at 02:25

News of the Altai territory

Good afternoon. I want to draw attention to the terrible work of transport in our city!!! Namely, the route number 20 which is operated by the company VEGA TRANS!!!

the lower the temperature outside, the less you can find the bus... in the Morning to 8 in the morning to leave, you need to stand at least 20-30 minutes in the cold, and in the evening longer. And often do pass by three buses in a row. And it's 19-20 PM...

the Feeling that you just mock people.

And after that, you still managed to survive and get into the bus. The conductor claims that blatantly lying to you and just stand in the cold for 30 minutes! This can not be, that would not be bus, because the interval according to her, it is just 6 minutes...

I would Like to summarize, why every city the fare is expensive, but the quality goes down rapidly? Surely no one can influence the attitude of drivers and conductors?

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forty minutes of waiting passed at least four bus No. 47, and all the fourth row. Other routes are no better — maybe one out of five small buses deigned to come to a stop. ⠀ Sorry, we failed to capture any of those who have dropped off passengers directly in an extreme left row. ⠀ Stop "Tsiolkovsky", the video incorrectly called a stop. Video: Yana Morozova

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