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In village karpovo of Soloneshensky area residents had saved and left a grey Heron

Vkurse 22 26.11.2019 at 04:31

News of the Altai territory

A resident of the Altai village of carp rescued perishing in the ice-hole large bird similar to crane. The river brought the first ice, flutter in a medley of snow and ice the poor man was doomed. If not for the meeting with the man.

the Foundling moved into the warm, dried, warmed. Home was very surprised when zhuravlenok flatly refused to select a handful of grain: it looks very weak. The situation was clarified, veterinarian: "It's a grey Heron! And she eats only food of animal origin: fish, frogs, small rodents". Had to feed a carnivore meat. And another lovely guest enjoyed the local minnows, which spoiled his anglers.

it took us Three days pet, to finally feel healthy. However, their own pack, went to warmer climes, he will not catch up. Will have to spend the winter in the homes of hospitable Alonesince, changing facilities deployment. Address of temporary residence permits was the summer kitchen of the Savior from the ice captivity, then the storage room of the veterinarian. Under the patronage of the district inspectors is scheduled to move to Barnaul from the experts on wildlife. To tame the guest, by the way, even to experts, the ornithologists, is not easy. Feathered bully literally biting the hand that feeds, and tries to get benefactor in the eye.

in the Spring it will become clear where to place the would-be traveler: in the living area or still be able to reunite with relatives. The second option, from the point of view of a compassionate villager, preferable.