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BPI-2019. The play is over, the lights go out...

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. 29.11.2019 at 23:00

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. / RSS channel

Well, the winner of the contest LCHI is already known, differ...

Here is the top three right now, as of 1 December 2019:

First of all I am glad that all three leaders represent the stock market. Forgive me optionscity, but I somehow don't like these your "shots" in the end, there are Underlying assets, and they need to be treated with respect, so I'm always on the side fondovikov.

second, it's nice to see two smartlabel on this podium. However, noteworthy is the mysterious member of the "Basargin23" (alas, not ours, not smartlease), which for all time of competition made only 7 (!) transactions. It is strange that no one still paid no attention to him, I hope our valiant reportazhnye dissect these seven transactions, and served us in the best possible way.

Well, in the third, about that one... champion...

I'm not the old man Hottabych and beard I have, but a future champion BPI-2019 to determine it was not difficult before the start of the competition. The catch was that nobody knew his nickname initially. A future champion for some reason, decided to play a game of secrecy, perhaps, in childhood loved to play "hide and seek", and therefore hid. But in the middle of the contest his nickname is cleared, it turned out to be — prosperity (prosperous or successful, as I guessed from the translation). And because, really, this fellow thrives and succeeds! I would even say, fragrant. Decided to look at his Equity, she just feast for the eyes:

Oh, what a woman equity, I used this :-)

by the way, this is the perfect answer to all the Carlson, Bromatum and other critics who allow themselves to ridicule in the direction of BPI. Realizing that the champion is only one and the chances are exactly zero, they fall to the poisonous barbs of the competition. Languages all of these knockers are tied up well, but you go to the tournament and just show your real Equity deal... Everything. And we have a lot of you will understand :-)

Basta, beetles...

As we have all guessed, the championship under the name "prosperity" at BPI involved our colleague Tatar (who else?). Although, what do you mean, involved?

He literally rushing like a tank through the woods and forest, through the fallen trees and dead wood... Spit on November, brain-numbing, sideways, he's rushing and rushing... Regardless of anything, he stsuko, rushing and rushing...

We can compete with each other to inflict the duel and throw Darts to rejoice or grieve their places in the standings, Yes we can do a lot, we can even make money on the stock exchange. But all this does not negate one simple fact — come Tartar on the tank and take the top Prize.

the Analogy with a tank is not accidental, it turns out that long before our BPI video was filmed, where in allegorical form (music and dance), it was clearly shown what the outcome of the whole contest. There, at the end of the video, the same Tatar to the same tank, comes and takes away the top prize. But there danced colleague Enter1, I admired (Lossbuy there too, and I also found).

BPI-2019. It has been and how it will be :-)

Oh, this prosperity...

something I can understand many of the trading masters, avoiding of participation in the contest lchi. They simply do not want to lose his reputation. Gerchik, Olejnik, Krechetov, Poornov, RA, of Rezvyakov and many others. They're not fools, why would they participate if the winner is known in advance?

— Hottabych, dear, well, there is no my strength to fight with that damned Tartar!

the emerald of my heart, so you're not fighting with him, you duel with Nuno Avendano Victor Tarasov.

— Yes, this is no better, he's already 60% in two months...

— don't worry so much about the diamond of my soul, the next LCHI you compete with Cachuchas.

— And Cachucha can?

— Cachucha – you can!

Furiously rukopashka anyone who dared to enter this terrible BPI :-)