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[Sandboxed] Schemathesis: property-based testing to API schema

Habrahabr / Interesting / topical publications 29.11.2019 at 20:49

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Photo Chris Keats on Unsplash

Many companies, including us, shifted from monoliths to microservices for the sake of better scalability and accelerate development cycles. We still have a monolithic project, but they are gradually replaced by the small and neat set of microservices.

the microservices make use of Open API 3.0 schema for the description of what to expect from them. Schemes can produce many useful things, for example auto generated clients or online documentation, but their main advantage is that they help control how the services communicate with each other.

Service communication becomes more complex when the number of participants is growing and in this article I want to share my thoughts about the problems the use of diagrams in your web applications and identify some ways they can be addressed.

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