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"Palmata were in the majority, and no "bite". Quote of the day

News of the KHL 30.11.2019 at 15:00

Players and coaches comment on the results of the matches of the day.

the Cupid (Khabarovsk) – Spartak (Moscow) – 5:0

Oleg Znarok, head coach of "Spartacus":

- I will Not say that we played so bad. In the first period had a lot of chances. Unfortunately, not scored, and the game turned. There is a link, which today lost 0:4. Polacca almost played in most, but not a single "bite". Tough away trip, and we knew it. Long shot, without rolling... But here all the commands in equal conditions, to complain about it. Themselves lost. The opponents scored goals working.

Alexander Gulyavtsev, head coach of "Cupid":

- I am pleased to be at the table with Oleg Valerievich. My idol. Doubly pleased that we managed to beat them. But the account is not shows everything that was on the ice. The 1-0 score held for a very long time. Fuck Spartak, and all would change. Then scored two quick goals and brought the game to victory. I want to thank the boys and our fans. Today was a full stadium. Despite the fact that we are on the penultimate place, no one lose heart we are fighting, fighting for the playoffs. Well, that scored a lot of goals and helped Zhenya Alicino to play "zero". Plastal for the goalkeeper. (Press service of HC "Spartak").

metallurg (Magnitogorsk) – Salavat Yulaev (Ufa) – 1:0

Nikolay Zalygin, the head coach "Salavat Yulaev":

– "metallurg" with the victory. What to say about the game? A very good match. Really liked how we played today. Great minority. But hockey is a sport where time is everything. Unfortunately, today in the third period made the wrong action that led to a goal, and then failed to win. The guys are very good, persistently played. Was there any variants that will be Metsola? No doubt it was. He is we – number one.

Ilya Vorobiev, head coach of "metallurg":

– Agree that it was a good game in the spirit of the playoffs. "Metallurg" against "Salavat" probably it was expected. Both teams fought, gave everything. All agreed the episode where Kolya Kulemin ran away and scored – well done. But I want to thank all of you guys. What was said in between? To endure, to work, not to make their mistakes. In fact, now all games are like that. Many factors and very small details can make the biggest difference, affect the outcome. The power play still leaves questions.

Nikolay Kulemin, forward of "metallurg":

– Now every match is difficult, every match is important to us. There was a small decline. In this match we tried to play good defense, not pass – first. We did it. Implemented a single moment, that was enough for the victory. This is the most important. How did you manage to score? My opponent made a mistake, pushed the puck into his own path. Ran "one zero", turned to beat the Keeper. Metsola today played very well. There are no bad teams or weak goalies. Every game need to be adjusted. And any goalkeeper begins to act worse when you close it. Therefore, it is necessary to be active on the snout close not seeing the puck. As the mood in the locker room? After the victory – always good. Finally managed to interrupt an unsuccessful series for us. Let's move on, we need to do more and play better to achieve the high goals that we are facing.

Rodion Amirov, the goalkeeper "Salavat Yulaev":

– Played well, and in the minority, and our specialized teams. All fought. But one mistake decided everything, determined the outcome of this game. How did you play in the first link? First, a bit poddavlivat responsibility, then he adapted, became quieter. Of course, with the masters playing very nice, a lot of chances created. Thank you to the partners that supported me. With the Burmistrov M. V. successfully managed already played, and with EMERCOM for the first time ever. Great experience! Today was a duel of the goalkeepers? Yes, both goalkeepers played well. We just lacked a bit in implementation, although there were moments. And "Magnitogorsk" have used their chances.

Kunlun Red star (Beijing) – Avangard (Omsk) – 3:2

Bob Hartley, head coach of "Avant-garde":

- is quite a good game. Of course, we would like to take one point in overtime. But failed to read their actions, followed by the release of "2 in 1". But in overtime, exits with a numerical advantage, play a crucial role, such they had even two, and at the second attempt, the opponent scored a goal.

- Can be considered three points taken in China a satisfactory result?

- we Have a complicated check-out, all difficult. I am pleased that we have scored 3 points from 4. But very disappointed how we gave the opponent the fourth point.

Alexei Potapov, the attacker "Avangard":

- a Difficult departure for me, because this time difference is valid. When you have a good warm up, a few shifts of the first period will pass and everything goes: you forget how much time and what time zone.

- On team play not affected by this move?

- a team of professionals and understand perfectly that maybe the opponent even harder because they have to experience it every trip, but coming back is even harder. For us, this first trip to the far East, so no excuses to be in the head should not.

- were in the first game from the second?

- Absolutely no different, even the score is the same. They made some adjustments, something changed, but the overall picture was the same.

- it seemed that was barely hooked. Because the lead and always let the opponent.

- it was not easy for the defenders, because they play four or five of the same guys. We, as a striker, had a little more work, but the load is large they went, because the team plays in the North American manner: throws, presses. What could — help. The point is good, but I think it was necessary to take away everything.

, Then there is a sense of incompleteness because of three points out of four.

- of Course. This is not the standard "Vanguard" — to settle for one point. Although everything was in our hands we might as well in the overtime win to bring the game to a shootout and win. But today so. (Press service of HC "vanguard").