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The rights and responsibilities of photographers (2019) Video

NetFact.Ru: Download - free Popular online Library 30.11.2019 at 16:50

NetFact.Ru: Download - free Popular Internet Library

Website Visitors NetFact.Ru – For You the video course "Rights and responsibilities of photographers."

the Laws and regulations in simple language! The class is devoted to laws that reglamentary activities of photographers. Mostly, we talk about different restrictions and limitations that exist in the legal field.

We translate the dry language of the regulations into plain English examples and precedents, we give a lot of cases, even discuss the situations when the problem is not law, but custom.

Shooting in churches, museums and airports, the coordination and protection, private territory and strategic sites, privacy and intellectual property theft – all in order.

the Program of the master class:

1. Where it is possible to remove?

2. Is it possible to remove strategic targets?

3. Limitations in the fight against terrorism

4. Restrictions in connection with the work of the FSO

5. How can I prevent the guards?

6. Is it possible to remove in the churches?

7. Professional photography

8. Is it possible to remove, transport and the metro?

9. Is it possible to remove the plane and the airport?

10. Can the owner forbid to remove?

11. Trade secret

12. Bans on shooting at concerts

13. Bans on shooting in museums

14. Is it possible to remove people? without permission?

15. What is TFP and Model Release?

16. Privacy? life

17. Is it possible to remove the cops?

18. That could be the person who stops to remove?

19. How to behave if you ban photography?

20. What if you stole a picture?