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TOP 5 secrets of beautiful frames

Wedding and family photographer 27.11.2019 at 14:23

Michael noses

Are you Familiar with such situation: you refuse to be photographed, because the wrong hair/ wrong clothing/ "today I didn't really" and lots of other reasons?

But in vain! After all, for the beautiful photo this is not the decisive factors.

Then what is?

the Ability to present yourself in front of the camera as profitable.

These simple tips will make it so the camera you love!

All doubts and complexes aside, read and take note.

1. Action

the Camera loves movement. A photo by itself is static, but it is very important to convey it dynamics. Do not have to perform the Indian dance, it is enough to correct your hair, touch your hands to the face, spin around, or just go to the box.

2. Emotions

Stone face, frozen facial expressions and the photo is ruined.

don't skimp on the emotions! Show the photographer what I feel. And it doesn't have to be in a good mood. Most importantly – be sincere. You will see how alive and real get frames.

3. Working party

You probably know which side you look spectacular. If not, then consult with the photographer about the choice of a suitable angle. Or experiment in front of a mirror.

4. Any background

Location must comply with the General concept of the snapshot. Choose a background that will not distract attention from you, but only decorate the frame.

It can be a stylized decorated the place, the picturesque landscape, or simply neutral solid background.

5. Posture

Even the most thoughtful way (makeup, hair, look) to be destroyed if its owner (or possessor) of her shoulders. Of course, except conceptual photography, when it originally intended. Your posture must fit into the geometry of the frame, otherwise the harmony and balance will be lost.

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