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JAMES KOTTAK: "there is too many blacks"

Music news : 01.12.2019 at 12:31

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The Former drummer of the SCORPIONS and the current KINGDOM COME member James Kottak continued to Express unpopular public opinion in his Twitter account. This time he announced that the representatives of the African-American race is too often a flash in the commercials that the discrepancy in the percent of their actual numbers among the U.S. population.

"Okay, I've said that in General Americans with black skin color about thirteen percent of the total population. So what the fuck half, if not more commercials devoted to them? There is at least someone who explain to me or can contest the matter?"

Some time later, he broke out an additional tweet, which said: "Can all of you just too chickenshit to tell the world the truth?"

In the last six months Kottak also expressed their dissatisfaction to the women in the law enforcement system, interracial marriages, doubted the reality of global warming, and called all who disagree with the policies of Donald trump, "your fuckin commies". #Kottak #Rock #_Rock