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Fortieth anniversary of the album The Wall

News 29.11.2019 at 21:00

News about the group Pink Floyd

Exactly 40 years ago, November 30, 1979, in the UK released album The Wall.

In his book "Saucerful of secrets (The Pink Floyd Odyssey)" the source radio show says:

[...] the Front side of the envelope "The Wall" - although he was hardly done at the level of the works of Hipgnosis - surprised by the choice of the waters, which stopped at neatly circled the pattern of simple white bricks striking in its simplicity, similar to the design of the white double album The Beatles. Anyway, a colorless cover not scared away half a million customers in the UK, try to purchase the album a month after its release November 30, 1979 (the deadline under the terms of their contract with an advance of more than 4 million, in which Floyd barely missed). In America the record has topped the Billboard charts for fifteen weeks.

Even after the departure of the album in print waters still painfully pondered about the order of the songs: rearrange "Hey You" from the end of the third party in the beginning; just remove "What Shall We Do Now" overloaded with the second party in the interests of sound quality; to put in its place "Empty Spaces", is written in almost similar tune and was planned as a Reprise of the first. Hence the discrepancy printed on the cover the actual content of the disc.

Among the best-selling Pink Floyd "The Wall" was second only to "The Dark Side of the Moon"; as it was a double, then, if we consider single drives, they had sold more. No doubt a lot of copies sold thanks to the success of the single "Another Brick in the Wall Part II". Herself "The Wall," wrote Kurt Loder in his review in Rolling Stone magazine: "Very strong thing and is hardly the album hits." He also characterized it as "a stunning synthesis of all now familiar obsession of waters 'texts", in album "with a stunning ruthlessness of rage in the lyrics certainly captured a brilliant picture of life, which, in its so carefully written out the details, shocked."

Many listeners have regarded "The Wall" as difficult to understand, and not because of minoroty records. Some pushed large ego, self-centeredness and self-pity. Others did not like the fact that, in their opinion, it turned out to be hopelessly forced and unnatural. For all its symbolism and skillfully built the structure of the chief architect of this work has caused dissatisfaction with his unequivocally expressed confidence in his own genius. His literary contribution to "The Wall" was more prosaic than poetic and demonstrated too little of the covering all around originality, as that was inherent to Syd Barrett, which bore the stamp of true genius.

Indeed, a staunch supporter of the band in 1966, Alan Jones of the Melody Maker is now wrote: "waters may not be able to hide his feelings, but he often ends up being sits in a puddle, gasping from his own platitudes" and called "The Wall" "more tedious than touching". Nevertheless, among the rock-the journalistic fraternity of the individual were affected by it. "I had the feeling that Roger was inside my skull, says Timothy white, and invited the whole world to gawk at the engine room of his subconscious. This is a courageous and much needed act serious artist that is looking for companionship and solace to those that shares the essence of their spiritual hopes and desires."

Love him or hate, the only thing you cannot do is to ignore "The Wall". "I'm not sure, a good album or a horrible, wrote in Melody Maker critic punk rock Chris Brazier, but I find him extremely irresistible." [...]

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