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The nutritionist said how not to gain weight during the holidays

View 01.12.2019 at 18:51

Business newspaper "Sight"

Nutritionist Elena Solomatina explained, from which you can gain weight during the holidays, and advised beneficial counterparts that can be substituted for traditional festive treats.

comments In the "Evening Moscow" Solomatin said that all the harm the gala dinner is that it consists of a multi-component dishes, with fatty, salty, sweet. Many at the Banquet table eating a full serving of several dishes, which makes it difficult to digestive process.

Solomatina advised to replace the harmful ingredients in favorite dishes to something useful. So, salad "Olivier" can be put more egg whites and less egg yolks, potatoes to be replaced with Jerusalem artichoke, and sausage – chicken breast.

the Mayonnaise specialist recommends to cook for themselves: the low-fat yogurt, sour cream, vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, pepper and spices.

it Is necessary to pay more attention to light vegetable salads and fruit snacks, and jelly and jelly, you can replace the filler fish. "The more meat jelly and jelly – jello. But both dishes have the same calories," explained nutritionist.

the meat "in French" should be dispensed with pork, instead of her suit soaked mustard rabbit or Turkey. According to her, this dish will please the taste and health benefits.

the Extra weight threatens the love of desserts, reminded the expert. However, she believes that to give up sweets during the holidays, not necessarily, but it is better to refrain from cream pies, opting for a yogurt. It also approved for the holiday menu, ice cream, sorbets and fruit salads.

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