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Scientists have figured out when the Universe began to form stars

NEWS PLANET 01.12.2019 at 15:31

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Specialists are on the verge of a major breakthrough: they almost found out when they began to emerge in the Universe of stars. Without these objects, by the way, there would be planets and other objects, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM with reference to the Astrophysical Journal.

After the Big Bang, which occurred 13.8 billion years ago the Universe took 377 thousand years to cool down enough for the emergence of atoms. The basic atoms for the formation of stars are hydrogen and helium. On the formation of galaxies took about 500 million years. Scientists know little about this period, so call it "dark ages".

the hydrogen Atoms were first charged with a "plus" ions, which are joined together, forming hydrogen. He, in turn, served as building material for stars and galaxies.

To find the first glimmer of light in the Universe Australian astronomers used a super-sensitive telescopes. To implement the ideas scientists have carefully prepared for the search of the first neutral hydrogen signal marks the beginning of the world.

Research will help to establish a more accurate frame of start and end of the "dark ages". The signal has an incredibly small wavelength (2 meter in the beginning she even was 21 cm), so find it extremely difficult. Experts hope the successful completion of the studies.