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The crazy things that tried to carry on Board the plane

The NEWS THAT WE DESERVE 01.12.2019 at 20:00

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Service of the U.S. transportation security known for their special attention to inspection of personal belongings of passengers, and that Americans can understand. Any oversight can lead to unpredictable consequences, so the baggage and hand Luggage of passengers departing on flights that pass through several stages of review. Recently, the leadership of the security service decided to dilute the monotonous routine of the staff of airport and proposed new entertainment — official instagram blog.

"We're just using a new mechanism for interacting with audience via Instagram, — says a spokesperson for the TSA, Ross Feinstein. — We're not talking about what people can do something bad with these objects and just trying to warn passengers that they should leave the house of forbidden things".

All items confiscated from passengers, immediately photographed and laid out in instagram blog. Thus, the passengers in the way, can you pay attention to your belongings and put something that can create problems for them.

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