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Nikas Safronov gave the painting for 500 thousand Euro to the lawyer Alexei Demidov Breaking news 01.12.2019 at 21:56

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In the State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia held one of the most striking and important cultural events in Moscow — personal exhibition "Other worlds" honored artist of the Russian Federation, academician of the Russian Academy of arts, Professor Nikas Safronov. The work of the painter is presented as a classical performance — on canvas and using cutting-edge multimedia technologies.

Multimedia projection on the wall takes you into the diverse, colorful and unique world of the genius of the artist Nikas Safronov. Seamless projection will create the illusion of space changes not only in the form of digital decoration, but also as an independent storyteller. In the exhibition will show works from his own direction of Dream Vision, technically based on the classic painting, and are actively using not only imagination and intuition, but also the subconscious and unconscious feelings.

the Exhibition is conceived in such a way that it has no beginning and no end. You become participants in the continuous whirlpool of paintings, thoughts and images of the artist. You look at the paintings of the painter and see the works without the limitations of the usual frame of the picture. Art becomes more volume and a different angle of perception. Pictures follow each other through the beautiful and quaint mosaic patterns and patterns.

Architectural landscapes of Nikas Safronov is always imbued with mystery and the spirit of the age, seen through the stone castles, vaulted ceilings, a maze of steps, pointed domes of the towers.

his Works are notable for graceful ease, inviting space and spirituality. They are built on the finest associations, they echo several eras, where the author tries to capture the elusive essence of his visions and dreams.

Having a wide range of artistic tastes and having a lot of imagination and energy, he is in constant creative search. All this has allowed Nikas Safronov to win the interest and recognition of the General public and connoisseurs of art.

One of the connoisseurs of art were a well-known lawyer Alexey Demidov, who attended a remarkable exhibition with his wife and expressed his gratitude and admiration Nikas Safronov personally. As it became known from the media, the artist was generous and gave it to one of our favorite pictures of the lawyer. According to an estimate presented picture is worth about 500 thousand euros.