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That means support for Samsung Galaxy Fold DeX in

Http:// - All about the technique of Samsung 27.11.2019 at 00:00

All about the technique of Samsung

Who keeps track of All the new Samsung is probably aware of how unfinished the phones come onto the market in order to received Samsung more profit and to some extent ahead of its competitors. According to another can not explain the fact that first comes the hardware with unfinished software on Board, and then exits the Grand patch with additions and improvements which appear largely new end-user functions. But as practice shows a lot of what is in the future not to activate, without a bookmark in terms of iron, from here and the conclusion is.. Where in a hurry a Korean brand and why it is at the expense of the consumer, solves their financial problems? So you not shod in sandals, and not hang noodles on the ears does not buy the phones at the peak of their promotional activity, then they are expensive and not the fact that the Board is the firmware that the manufacturer thought to put. In Korea phones like bake pies, but the problem is that sometimes instead of jam in cakes users find the note with the words, filling in the next update... plug in time the Patty to the Internet... In General you will return to the Fold Samsung Galaxy, the phone came out quickly and fresh, some functions were not available on Board, but was actively discussed in the advertising promises. In the beginning, those who bought the first phone and paid over all the phone was not a Samsung DeX, how's that? Pay more and have less. Cheers to the Korean Samsung:)) and Now all are in principle equal, the update is Samsung DeX and all on Board it now is, and those who bought it first and those who bought cheaper, but the second echelon. Now you can without problems play games class PUBG Mobile. I I mean Samsung DeX can be put on Windows and Mac machines, now you can your phone to connect to the PC via USB and to a large extent to expand the capabilities of the system. A real PC in my pocket! Samsung DeX