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Scientists studied the video of the mythical creature

News of cryptozoology 01.12.2019 at 08:00

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Near Birsk settled the creature from the category mythical, sure of the expedition from Moscow. A team of the candidate of historical Sciences Igor Burtsev, who more than half a century engaged in hominology. As it turned out, he has a lot of evidence of snow people in Bashkiria. The arguments of the scientist listened to angelina Mashkin.

His visit to Bashkortostan, head of the Moscow office of the International center of hominology, which is more than half a century has been studying Bigfoot, planned for several months. Since Igor Burtsev showed this surprising and even shocking the video, the 79-year-old candidate of historical Sciences, can be said to have lost both sleep and rest.

Along with colleagues analyzed every second movie made by an Amateur, studied all the movements, or rather the habits depicted on the frame of the object. No doubt — IT's him! And footage taken by local residents bircom the area of our Republic, Igor Sergeyev believes more than convincing.

Igor Burtsev, head of the Moscow office of the International center of hominology:

- Is, I believe, the second such case in the world. Such a compelling read. Because it is clear that this creature is running. Moreover, when we studied the stills, I saw on one rotation of the bulge is breast women. You know? It's female.

On the record made in the 2016 year, but posted on the Internet much later, 3 girls and a young man at a wheel "Zhiguli" get away from someone. Their emotions seem genuine...

- Alex, shut the window!

- He's coming! He runs! Aaaaaaaaaaaa

And because the one who is trying to catch up with the car, really looks pretty weird. The authors of the video, apparently, for some personal reasons, kindly asked not to call them names and show faces, but agreed to meet with world-famous scientists.

Igor Burtsev, who led the expedition to investigate the appearance of a Bigfoot on the territory of Bashkiria, they admitted that hit the lens of camera cell phone being that day even jumped on the trunk of the car and damaged the glass, but this time, allegedly, behind the scenes.

to begin exploring the countryside, where according to witnesses, it happened, the candidate of historical Sciences are once again convinced of the veracity of the shocking stories and now he knows that I came here not in vain.

Igor Burtsev, head of the Moscow office of the International center of hominology:

- When we went into the forest, we saw the cracks of branches. Yesterday we were there. And absolutely fresh creases. In the local- it's Shurale, and in Russian is called the devil, and scientific hominoid. Well used very actively called Yeti, Bigfoot, but they are all names for the same beings.

However, birsky area of our Republic is not the only place where was seen such beings. For example, the Amateur footage in Uchalinskiy area near the mountain Iremel.

Oh, deer! Wait!

- a moose?! It's a bear!

Alex, introduced himself as a guide on mount Iremel, was in the car and saw everything with his own eyes. The man admitted — the case is still going to his head, and he really wants to know WHO actually met him then on the forest road.

Alex, Explorer on mount Iremel:

- Was nastroenie that podranea just so. Dark, lights far it runs, but it is clear that on two legs.

- who do you think it was?

the Bear... elk... Yeti...

- so You are 100% sure that it was Bigfoot?

- of Course not.

But associate Professor of physiology and General biology Bashkir state University 100% sure — it's not Bigfoot. And no yetis, said Anatoly Yakovlev, does not exist. And all attempts of enthusiasts from different countries and at different times to prove the opposite has always been a failure.

Anatoly Yakovlev, associate Professor of physiology and General biology Bashkir state University:

- there is no Evidence. No serious journal of Zoological and anthropological has no such articles that would confirm the existence of this animal. There is nothing this mythology. And yet, you know, very often there is such a disease called delirium tremens. Only if you do not see it! There's a virtual reality!

But Moscow scholars in Bashkiria in the expedition, his opinion will not change. Now they are in perscom area, and then will go closer to the Iremel is to investigate the case that has captured Alex-conductor. And Igor Burtsev has promised sometime to come to Ufa, because he is convinced — Bigfoot lives even in a city Park Foresters.

- They are everywhere! You just have to look around when you go to Les!