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IV the Sochi international film festival: the winners The article 01.12.2019 at 16:27

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In late November in Sochi hosted the closing ceremony and awarding winners of IV the Sochi international film festival and film award SIFFA.

the winner of the IV international film festival, Sochi became the Kazakh picture "of Chirakchi. Guardian of light" directed by Ermek Tursunov. Golden statuette Irida received actor of the film Muratzhan Muhazhanov.

the Prizes and diplomas of the IV of the Sochi international film festival:

Presidential prize "For inspiring the study of women's fate in the modern world" Director dito Tsintsadze and actress salomé Demure for the film "Inhale-Exhale";

Best film – "Chirakchi. Guardian of light" (Director Ermek Tursunov (Kazakhstan);

Best Director – "Lenin. Inevitability" (directed by Vladimir Khotinenko (Russia);

Best actor – Fyodor Bondarchuk for the film "Lenin.Inevitability" (directed by Vladimir Khotinenko (Russia);

Best actress – actress Nina Usatova in a film "Chirakchi. Guardian of light" (Director Ermek Tursunov (Kazakhstan);

Best costume design – Regina Chomsky for the film "Lenin. Inevitability" (directed by Vladimir Khotinenko (Russia);

Best art Director – Sergei Ivanov for the film "Lenin. Inevitability" (directed by Vladimir Khotinenko (Russia);

the Best music – Egor Romanenko for the film "Kaddish" (Director Konstantin FAM (Russia, Belarus);

Best screenplay – "over me the sun doesn't set" (script Lyubov Borisova);

Best cinematography – "over me the sun doesn't set" (Director of photography Simon Hostages);

the Best producer work "Schemers" (the producers Alex vekston, Virginia Lee);

Best debut (a Prize named Vera Glagoleva) – "over me the sun doesn't set" (Directed by Lyubov Borisova);

Special jury prize – "Spring wind" (directed by Takir Ahmed (Bangladesh);

Best documentary: "Memory is our homeland" (directed by Jonathan Kolodzei Durand (Canada);

Best short film – "bagatelle" (directed by Daniel Levin (Russia, USA);

Special jury mention short film – "Night walk" (directed by Lizete Upite (Latvia);

the Diploma "For a profound study of the spiritual world of modern man" – "the scales" (directed by Ahmad Khatib (Jordan);

Diploma "For dedication to children's topic" Vladimir Alenikova for the film "Great love" (directed by Alina Aparina and Andrew Tuhtasinov (Russia);

Diploma "For bright and elegant representation of the culture of the peoples of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic" the head of the team Shagdi the Zarema Enjokosai;

Diploma of the festival "For many years the educational activity of" Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk;

a Diploma from the press Catherine Spitz, Valerie Burgua and Ekaterina Volkova "For brilliant female ensemble cast" for the film "Young wine" (directed by Peter Olevsky);

the Diploma of the festival "In the study of difficult places of memory," the movie "School of torturers";

Diplomas from the President of the festival's founder and head designer of Fashion house Alexandra STEPANETS Stepanets, and accessories designer and chief stylist of the fashion house Natalia STEPANETS Malyutin;

Diploma "For contribution to world cinema" – Kim Ki duku;

the Diploma "For the honor and dignity to the acting profession" – Maya Ahmedovoy;

Diploma "For creating peace bridges" – Peter Ferris;

the Prize "For contribution to development of festival movement" Sergey Novozhilov.