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Repair of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic control valves and hydraulics for excavator

Bulletin Board Doski-Park RSSFeed 29.11.2019 at 14:21

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Hello, our company has many years of experience in repair of hydraulic equipment for excavators, bulldozers, front end loaders, repair of excavators loaders. Our VK group in which we understand the examples of repair and restoration of machinery, components and assemblies, the engine, pump, bridges, valves, complex hydraulic cylinders with large rod diameter for very large excavators. Repair of hydropower plants, power plants, repair of power installations, repair and replacement of accumulators, filled with nitrogen, hydraulic equipment, repairs of drilling equipment, repair mining machinery, quarry equipment. In the presence of field technicians and crews. Your shop for repair of hydraulic equipment, motors, motor repair shop Liper, caterpillar, Isuzu and Komatsu. Repair of hydraulic attachments, repair of motors running. Restoring warranty factory options flow hydraulics for swing gear cases and hydraulic control valves and hydraulic pump high quality inexpensive parts. Selective use of quality China, but mostly use quality repair parts from Korea, Japan and America. At the request of the client can reduce the cost of repair using analogs during the repair. Our production guarantee. Tel79217417138Vastap and viber. We have experience in repairs, hydraulic repair services, engine repair, repair of hydraulic control valve and other hydraulic for excavator: CAT320B Repair, repair CAT320C , CAT320D repair , repair CAT325C , repair JCB330 , repair Gus DX225LC , repair Gus DX225LCA , repair Gus EC210 , repair Gus PC400-7 , repair goose. CAT320D , repair goose. CAT324DL , repair goose. CAT330BYH repair goose. CAT330DL repair goose. CAT336 repair goose. CAT345D repair goose. EC140 repair goose. EC360 repair goose. HITACHI 330 repair goose. JCB220 repair goose. JCB240,260, repair goose. JCB330 , repair goose. PC200, repair goose. PC300, repair goose. R210-7, repair goose. R250LC-7 repair goose. R360LC-7 , repair goose. SOLAR255LC-V repair goose. VOLVO EC290 , repair goose. ZX110 , repair goose. ZX200-3 , repair goose. ZX330-5G, repair goose.CASE210, repair goose.CASE240, repair goose.ZX160-1, repair goose.ZX160-3, repair goose.ZX210-3, repair goose.ZX240-3.