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Protective-reconstructive compositions BRIT

Bulletin Board Doski-Park RSSFeed 30.11.2019 at 17:30

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Protective-reconstructive compositions BRIT belong to the class of materials for cold application. They help remove the surface defects of the coating, prolonging the life of the paintings from the blacktop. The protective part of the BRIT made of bitumen base with a polymeric binder and diluted with water or an organic solvent. Such a mixture is both easy to apply and penetrates into small cracks of asphalt. After application on the surface of the asphalt film is formed that protects it from the effects of the various plan. A rejuvenating blend of BRIT specifically designed for use in conditions of Russian roads, which gives confidence in the high quality and stability of the finished coating. The standard reconstruction of BRIT provide protection against UV radiation, have a superior coefficient of friction and high adhesion to asphalt, as well as significant resistance. All these qualities allow the material to recover the operating parameters of asphalt concrete.