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Rent / service tractor excavator loader in Ramenskoye district

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Services rental of machinery - tractor backhoe loader JCB 3CX at real low prices with the buckets and hammer in Ramenskoye, Zhukovsky, Kratovo, Il, Bykovo, Ramensky district - Popovka, Starkovo, Gergieva, the Klishev, New Village zabolottia Hripan, Dement'evo, Igumnovo, Gzhel, Zakharovo, rechitsy, Kocharova, minino, Grigorovo, Konyashina, Tenino, Glebovo, Novokharitonovo, Donino, pervomayka, Friendship, Oak Grove, Zagornova, Kuznetsovo Malyshevo, Yurovo, Markovo, Fishermen, Barcino, Petrovskoye, beloozersky, Zebina, Safonovo, village Farm Ramenskoe, of Plastinina, Chulkovo, Spartak Vereya, Thalmann, Kulakov and other settlements of the Ramensky district of the Moscow region Services tractor backhoe loader JCB 3CX: - cleaning, cleaning, loading snow tractor - rent breaker - hire of excavator with hammer - Demolition and dismantling of buildings, structures , concrete and brick foundations, walls, buildings hammer - hydraulic Hammer, narrow rear buckets (600,400,300), planning bucket 1200mm - Excavation work - Digging trenches for foundations, pools, ponds, septic tanks, gas tanks, cellars. - Installation and installation of plastic septic tanks as well W/concrete rings - trenching excavating under continuous footings, water, cable, sewer, drainage, gas - they backfill the Removal of a fertile layer of soil for laying turf, paving, installation of platforms for Parking - Opening of asphalt and concrete surfaces with hammer - cleaning and deepening of ponds, drainage ditches - Loading, transport and spreading of non - metallic materials- sand, gravel, battle, brick, asphalt aggregate, soil - Loading of debris - clearing the area from bushes, small trees, debris loading - the Grubbing / uprooting of stumps of trees - Clearing land with a tractor, preparing for construction - land Planning - Renovation, construction, dumping of roads - Maintenance of underground communications Services dump trucks - Removal excavation of soil - delivery of sand, crushed stone, gravel, soil - Removal of snow with dump trucks Only experienced operators tractor drivers and machinery! To order special equipment, rental tractor backhoe loader JCB in Ramenskoye district you from 8-00 to 20-00 hours

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