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Vegetable pies with cabbage

Cooking recipes for the whole family 30.11.2019 at 12:26

Feed quick, cheap and tasty

Such cakes can bake at any time of the year. They are simple, look appetizing and very tasty.

came the advent. And this recipe for vegetable pies with cabbage in the first place, we will help to feed a family simply and satisfying. The pies are delicious! Beautiful and delicious! Warm and fuzzy! Our Russian pies since ancient times, was baked by our grandmothers with awe and reverence. You can try to put a bit of effort to come from our recipe turned out such here is a fragrant, rosy cakes!

Recipe vegetable pies with cabbage: lean yeast Dough for pies suitable for this recipe While the dough rises, prepare the filling for pies

2 medium onions, 1 small head of cabbage, 1/2 Cup vegetable oil, salt and black pepper (to taste), 2-3 peas of fragrant pepper, 1 Bay leaf, 1/2 Cup of tomato paste, diluted with water

Finely chop the onion and sauté it in vegetable oil until Golden brown Finely shredded cabbage add to the pan with onions and cook on medium heat until soft About 10 minutes until cooked cabbage salt, pepper, put the Bay leaf and sweet peas, pour tomato paste diluted with a little water, cover skillet and simmer until cooked cabbage Off the heat, sprinkle the cabbage greens

so, the dough came, the cabbage is slightly cooled, you can start the main work is to shape the patties and bake in the oven! I hope that you will get pies with cabbage lush, airy and very tempting aroma spread all over the porch!

And next to pies located a ruddy turntable with a Mac! Or with jam – who what like!

So wait for the guests and enjoy your tea!

As advent continues...

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