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The semi-automatic machine for seaming cans 7 and 9

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New semi-automatic Machine for seaming-sealing cans jars:

No. 7 d=72,8 mm H=84 mm, a capacity of 0.32 (+0,0065-0.01) and liters. No. 9 d=72,8 mm H=95 mm, capacity 0,370 (+0,0075-0,0115) liters.

is Equipped with a motor of 1600 watts, a capacity of 200 cans per hour (ready product), Rolls up the Bank in a Single pass. The rollers are made on a professional lathe CNC, the weight is about 15 kg, the installed lock -a guarantee of safety when working. Simple, Convenient, Easy to operate. The machine is perfectly suited for small, medium production of canned products. Snap to the desired size of the banks varies in a manual. Under the order is under any required snap-in a tin can. Geographically Minsk. Shipping Transport Company. The order is carried out up to 10 days, Prepayment. Additional information by phone, mail, internal communications. WhatsApp on the phone number. +375 687 twenty-nine twenty-seven 33

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