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Medicated pads

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Under the top layer of strips is anion strip green. This is a unique patented material, which is at the confluence of three circumstances (high temperature, humidity, and friction), starts to produce negatively charged particles – anions. . Such conditions are created when the gasket begins to use as directed. You put on the gasket, and it is in addition to the hygienic function begins to execute another one – health and Wellness: ✔anions improve the overall condition of the body ✔improve immunity, ✔eliminate toxins ✔eliminate bacteria and odors and it does not cause any side effects. . The uniqueness of the pads from Tianshi Anion layer in the conventional gasket no. . Lifting, the flow of anions ♻this improves the condition of uterus and ovaries: ♻this reduces inflammation, evens ♻this hormonal ♻this eliminates the dysfunction of the ovaries, ♻this normalizes the monthly cycle ♻app is a powerful prophylactic premenstrual syndrome and pathological menopause. . Anion chip, which we are discussing today-is universal. I will list a few options for the use of most of this disc, which contains tourmaline: ✴you can curl it into a tube and insert into the nasal passages while sinusitis ✴in a twisted state to insert in the ear, with inflammation of the ear ✴with redness of the throat to keep under the tongue ✴for bruises to use as a bandage In case: 3 packs (10pcs) daylight,2 pack(8pcs.)-night,3 packs(25 PCs)-daily.Case for three months.With the purchase of 3 cases discount.