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Choosing the best hosting for your site

Mobilcom mobile gadgets 08.12.2019 at 10:11

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What parameters to look for when choosing a hosting?

disk Space – the more space, the more expensive it will be worth hosting. For a regular website is enough 1-2 GB.

the Number of sites and technologies – the majority of modern websites use the PHP programming language and MySQL database.

If you want to host multiple sites, ensure that the tariff plan selected, the number of sites is equal to the number of databases.

If your site does not need a database, then you can look for cheaper rate, without MySQL support.

expert Advice on choosing hosting

don't mess with providers who have a visually poor website and not get fooled by the fact that they have a very low price. Usually such providers technical support is performed by one person, and the user sites you get pulled over or are inaccessible.

read guest reviews of providers and make your own conclusions based on them. But pay attention to the reviews were from real people (we publish reviews only after the authorization of the social network and verify that the person is real). Very often, providers write reviews about themselves, with the help of marketers or bots.

the Quality of support, speed and reliability of hosting are very subjective parameters, so even if you read a lot of good reviews, do not rush to pay for hosting a year in advance — pay by the month and try.

If the provider requires documents, that's okay, because they will help You to regain your account if it is stolen. But get your documents only reliable providers whose thousands of clients If you are fastidious about your personal data, you can easily find a good and large providers, which documents are not needed, there are many on the market.

note that, how many customers the host. Should trust those who have more than 10000-20000 users.

to Verify the provider worked the clock support. It is desirable to have Live chat and free telephone number.

Almost all these requirements are met Beget is one of the leaders on the Russian market of hosting companies, which over the years of successful work has gathered a large user community.

the company's Servers are located in Saint Petersburg, but this does not limit the territory of activity of the company: thanks to modern hardware solutions and optimization of the sites on the hosting Beget showing high-speed downloads from anywhere in the world.

Pros and cons

Beget is in second place in the ranking of hosting companies on the Internet, and this is not surprising — this is a very good platform that allows you to post projects of different difficulty level and not have to worry about their accessibility for users.

the Advantages Beget:

Long trial period — all the features of the hosting is free for 30 days. The location of servers in Russia, which positively affects the performance of the CIS and Europe. Optimization hosting popular content management system. Install the CMS, forum and blog engines and other applications in one click. Great performance.


Beget — a universal host that can be used for a first experience of building a small website or run a large high-loaded projects requiring individual server infrastructure. Main services are:

Virtual hosting. VPS. Rent physical servers, including the build systems for individual projects. Registration of domain names. Selling licensed CMS.

To Beget, use the control panel of our own development, to explore where you don't have to spend a lot of time. It is divided into two parts: on the left is all information about hosting and the server, right — sections, necessary for website management.

an Important part of the functionality Beget — create automatic backups. The only drawback of the system, storing backups only for the last 5 days. There is also the possibility of self-preservation copies, which will be very useful when making changes to files.

special mention deserves the huge list of content management systems, blog and forum platforms, galleries, online stores and social networks, which can be installed on Beget in a single click. In addition to standard WordPress, Joomla, Drupal hosting is a paid CMS that are sold officially.When you purchase them through Beget the webmaster receives a free installation of the engine, saving time and money.


Beget — not the absolute leader on speed, but it takes stability. This suggests that resources are evenly distributed between the different accounts, and customers are not trying to put on a single server, clogging the space to the limit. Hosting good job with all the standard apps popular CMS: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

For experienced webmasters Beget offers additional opportunities to improve performance or at least to avoid its reduction in peak load:

Memcached — caching in RAM. Redis is a distributed storage. Tarantool — NoSQL storage with open source.

This is the paid tools, so their use is justified only on large projects with high load. For small site additional features do not need — enough for the basic resources of the virtual hosting.

the Results of speed test held for more than 2490 days show that 99.4% of the time Beget works fast and is quick. Medium, slow and very slow work fixed only for 0.6% of the time. The last two years hosting consistently demonstrates the indicator "very quickly."

Uptime Beget in 2018 from 99, 96% to 100%. The worst performance was achieved in April, servers were unavailable for 18 minutes in a month. From may to October, the crashes are not fixed. Similar results demonstrated the hosting in previous years: uptime in 2010 did not drop below 99.3 percent.


Like all popular hostings, Beget offers users a free SSL connection. Due to this, websites start to work over an encrypted Protocol. The certificate is recognized as verified in all browsers, so access problems will not be exact, and indexed in search engines, which require sites for enhanced protection.

Beget provides built-in tools scanning for viruses. Infected files can be cured directly in the control panel using the scanner AI-Bolit. It contains a database of malicious scripts, which is constantly updated and helps detect compromised data and eliminate their negative impact on the system.

To improve safety, quality and functionality Beget in 2017, has launched a program of vulnerability scanning with payouts of up to 200,000 rubles. After a successful first experience, the program was resumed in early December of 2018, which will allow the hosting to make their products even better using the skills of the user community.

Technical support

To communicate with the service support eight channels. They all work around the clock:

a phone call. There are separate numbers for Russia, Ukraine, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev. Communication through the group "Vkontakte". Messages on the page in Facebook. Communication via Skype. Bot in the Telegram. Email Feedback form on the website. The ticketing system.

Looks very cool, but in practice things are more complicated. By phone or through social networks users can really contact the friendly support, but in most cases they will offer to address the issue through the ticket — it's more convenient to confirm the ownership of the website.

Some users consider this a disadvantage, but strictly speaking, the answers via ticketing system arrive so quickly that it is unclear why do we need other methods. May lack of the online chat for even faster solutions to emerging issues, but without it the wait time rarely is estimated hours — usually problems are fixed within a couple of tens of minutes.

For users who prefer to deal with the peculiarities of hosting, Beget offers section "Question and answer" guide to the control panel and other useful articles that help you connect to the server, set up mail and to perform other actions.

All in the Russian language, with code examples and screenshots in General, really never to contact technical support, no matter how friendly and prompt they were.


within 30 days Beget provides free access to all features of hosting.

To get started, don't even need to enter credit card information — just create an account on the service. Go to a paid plan at any time, with the unused days of the test period will be attached to the paid period.

the Minimum price of the virtual hosting Blog worth $ 169 when you pay for a month. For the money web master gets 3 GB on the SSD-disk, the ability to create two sites, unlimited databases and FTP accounts. When you pay the rate for long term (year or two) is calculated, the discount between 20 to 30%.

If the resources in the premium plan Blog is not enough, at any moment you can move on to more powerful fare: Start, Noble or Great. They vary in their capabilities and cost about twice. More resources offer a VIP fares to Town, City and Mega, the value of which starts with 820 rubles a month. All hosting plans include Beget an unlimited number of domains and subdomains, fast installation of popular CMS and automatic creation of backups.

If the project has grown to such proportions that it closely under virtual hosting, Beget offers to move to VPS. The cost of a virtual server begins with 11 rubles per day for 15 GB SSD, 1 GB of memory and a single core CPU. The most powerful offer — Heavy fare for 66 rubles a day on which available 80 GB SSD, 6 GB of memory and a Quad core processor.

in addition, Beget offers services for the Assembly of server systems of any complexity. Available in two configurations: the E3 Blade for 9800 rubles a month and Turbo 48 000 rubles per month. This difference in value due to the incomparable technical characteristics: if the Blade is only available E3 4 core, 32 GB RAM, then the Turbo at the disposal of webmasters will have 14 cores and 132 GB of RAM.

One of the main disadvantages Beget — a limited number of sites on virtual hosting. At the minimum rate, you can create only two projects in this subdomain is the site. In addition, several reviews found information about another disadvantage Beget low allowed load to 65 CP a day. The problem is that it is an abstract value that the host appreciates their own after the start of operation of the site.

the load Level depends not only on attendance, but also used a CMS, module connection and other parameters. Some users claim that the host manipulates the load value, in order to force them to move to a more expensive tariff. But you need to understand that the site can really create a load that will interfere with other projects hosted in the same server.


Beget is one of those hostings that web masters advise each other. For relatively little money it offers a stable job with high performance and without failures. Someone is threatened by the presence service, own control panel, but it is implemented with the same attention to usability that the development does not cause any issues.

Beget can safely advise novice webmasters that are looking for a simple control panel and operational support with a polite, competent professionals. For large projects it fits smaller though offers VIP rates, as well as virtual and dedicated servers. But if you are going to maintain the infrastructure of the Internet store of national scale or of a social network with millions of users, then Beget is one of the best options in terms of price and quality of services provided.


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