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Holidays and gifts 10.12.2019 at 07:40

All about holidays, congratulations and gifts

Technology is not standing still and is constantly changing, so to let a piece of meat for stuffing, we increasingly use electronic grinder or food processors with many useful features. However, many still kept the old, domestic grinder. Made to last they regularly perform, after ten or twenty years, but require any any effort, therefore, a new development priority. But don't throw away supported the old woman at the dump, she could still be useful.

We have selected a few interesting variations on how and what you can use a meat grinder, after the role of the assistant in the kitchen she has outlived.

1. If You are a seamstress, you can make an interesting pincushion.

2. You can also make a holder to hang like towels or something.

3. Some hangers do not feature quality hooks, take them out of the pens and they will never let you down.

4. Very unusual, but atmospheric will, if the grinder to make the lamp

5. And how do You like the idea of a pot of flowers?

6. You can also less bother and just fill the grinder with artificial plants.

7. For those who love Antiques, grinder can serve as a rare candlestick.

8. Or an unusual way to decorate your interior.

9. But if you still decided to continue to use it, some people know how to improve a lady

10. To improve also can and apparently, if I really want beauty


it is Not necessary to throw away old clothes.

If you use your imagination and learn about some of the secrets, you can make not only beautiful but also useful crafts.

From old t-shirts, shirts and sweaters, you can create new things that will still last a long time.

Here is just a small part of what can make from old clothes:

Remake of old things: a scarf. Option 1.

1. Cut the main part of the shirt (torso). The upper part can be used for an individual project.

2. Now cut the main piece crosswise into strips of width about 2.5 cm, but not cut until the end — leave approximately 3 cm

3. Now place your hand through the loops, stretch a little bit the product and can wear it as a scarf.

* to the extent that, as the cotton will stretch the ends it will bend, giving the scarf a special charm.

4. Decorate your scarf with fabric flower.

the New life of old things: a scarf. Option 2.

1. You need to cut from old t-shirts circles. Will help you with this scissors and a plate. Draw 4 to 6 circles.

2. Cut out all the circles. As Mike has 2 layers, you will have 8 or 12 circles from fabric.

3. From every circle you need to cut a spiral. You do not need any special tools — cut on the eye.

4. Unwind the spiral and separate them into 2 sections of 4 or 6 and connect the two sections. Sew the ends of the spirals. if 4, then sew all 4. You can use hot glue, the needle and thread or a sewing machine.

you Have a cute scarf.

Video tutorial how to make this scarf:

5. Can decorate scarf flower.

the Second life of old things: how to make a flower for decoration scarf

1. Cut old t-shirt, as shown in the image.

2. Turn the thread into a ball.

3. Start by gently twisting the thread in a circle, adding glue for fixing.

4. Glue the flower to the scarf.

How to make a scarf with your hands. Option 3.

From old things new: headband

— glue gun with hot glue

Crafts from old things: bag products

— t-shirt (preferably sleeveless)

— sewing kit, or sewing machine

1. If you have a t-shirt with sleeves, they need to cut. Also slice off the top part of the shirt (at the neck).

2. Turn the shirt inside out and sew the bottom part. You can also use superglue or hot glue.

3. You can decorate with a little bag (optional):

— Fold the bottom part of the bag is about 5 cm and cut to a depth of approximately 1-1. 5 cm along the crease. The distance between the incisions of approximately 3 cm

— Bend bag by 5 cm and again make cuts.

— you Can continue cutting up to the top of the bag.

4. Can also decorate the handle. To do this, you first need to cut them off, then cut into 3 strips, weave the strips into a braid and sew to the bag.

Here's another version of the bag made by a similar method:

What can I make out of old t-shirts: wicker basket

This hack can be time consuming, so you need to be ready.

— a few old t-shirts

— thread crochet

1. Cut the knitted cloth and t-shirts on the same strip width of about 5-7 cm

2. With the help of thread and needle sew the 3 strips to each other to get several long strips. It is not necessary to connect more than 3 strips, otherwise it will be difficult to weave.

For this DIY was used 20+ t-shirts.

3. Sew two different strips from t-shirts to the end of one of the strips of knitted fabric. This will be the beginning of weaving.

4. Make a pigtail.

as you approach the end of each strip, you will need to sew an extra strip and continue to braid until you do not get a long "pigtail".

5. Start making the base of the basket. For this you need to gradually phase out the woven blank into a spiral and regularly fix it using a thread and needle.

* the first time can turn out not quite accurately, but still will look nice and bright.

6. Do the walls of the basket. Start to sew up the workpiece in a spiral, also, not forgetting to secure the thread. Better to do the seams inside the basket, that they were not visible from the outside.

Keep on until you get the desired height of the basket.

7. The handle for the basket. Continuing the braided fastening of your workpiece, make the workpiece loops and sew the ends firmly.

What can I make from an old sweater: pillow

— soft fiberfill for pillow

— sewing machine (optional)

— wrapping paper (Kraft paper) or any thin plain paper

1. Draw on paper the picture of the cloud. The lower part of the cloud should be smooth

2. Turn the sweater inside out and put it on the paper, attaching it with pins.

3. Cut-out sweater the shape of a cloud and remove the paper.

4. Connect both halves of the sweater and sew the edges, leaving a small hole for filling in the bottom middle (level) clouds.

5. Fill the pillow and sew the hole.

6. Can make clouds of several sizes.

the alteration of old clothes: lavender bags

old t-shirts, shirts and/or other

— lavender (other herbs)

— sewing needle or sewing machine

1. Cut sleeve t-shirt to make a square or long rectangle.

2. Sew the bottom and the side of the workpiece.

3. Remove billet inside out and fill with lavender.

4. Sew the top.

This hack can be used as just a source of pleasant scent and to deter moths.

you Can decorate the bag with beautiful ribbon and use as a Supplement to the gift.

Rug from old t-shirts

1. Cut from an old shirt a few strips (it is best to have 11 bars). Do it from the bottom to the sleeves. Straightened the strips, you will get a ring that you will need to pull on the Hoop.

2. From the rest of the t-shirts also cut knitted strips (they ring).

3. Start to tighten the rings on the Hoop. First, one diameter, then the second, perpendicular, etc. ensure that the strips are firmly joined to each other.

4. In the middle of the circle tie the first strip and start to "weave" a rug in a spiral, adding strips.

* the Tension should be even to the end Mat is not deformed.

5. When the diameter of the Mat will reach up to 20 cm, each circle (stripes) can cut to get one long strip, which continue to weave.

6. In order to secure the strips can either tie or sew neatly.

7. Cut wearing Hoop rings and gently tie them in a knot.


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