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How to change the pump in the washing machine with your hands

Thanks to the progress of the washing process has become less time consuming and for getting things clean enough to press a couple of buttons. For the washing machine, like any equipment, characterized by periodic failure, particularly faulty drain pump. To find all the parts required for the repair in the store, "cold"

the Signs of damage to the washing machine During operation of the washing machine often out of order the drain pump. The reasons for failure of parts can be varied. The most common among them are:

prolonged use;

mechanical damage;

factory defect.

the Failure of the drain pump will detect the technique. On the screen appears a notification about the error that occurred during the discharge wastewater. Depending on the manufacturer, a malfunction code may be different:

E2 and E3 — technology in Samsung;

OE — in the production of LG brand;

F05 and F11 — will be written on the products Ariston;

E21 is characteristic of the Electrolux and Zanussi;

F4 — Atlas, and so on.

In the user manual indicated that this or that is a mistake.

step by Step instructions replacing spare parts replacing the drain pump in various models of washing machines are different. Some need to remove the wall, in others, in the third access parts is through the bottom.

in the analysis of the drain system may be that the reason for the malfunction was a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the impeller. So before replacing, you should run a diagnostic.

Before you change it, you need to choose the right pump. To do this consider:


the originality of the accessory;

pin position — front or rear;

power plug voltage;

the way of fastening — screws or latches.

the process of installing the new parts is simple. In the beginning it is necessary to disconnect the equipment and find where the part is located. After you have determined the location of the pump, disconnect the drain tube. Next, just follow the step-by-step instructions:

Unscrew and remove the old pump;

to attach the new pump with the screws or latches;

to connect the wiring;

the drain tube to install and fix.

After that, install the cover and test the washer.

Any repair parts for home appliances can be found on the website "All for cold." Heaters, pumps, bearings, cuffs and other will find each master.