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Relevant Posts — 11.12.2019 at 06:28

All about extreme sports - BASE, mountaineering, ski touring, Bicycle touring, skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, mountain-bike, multihance, water sports, paraplanerizm, climbing, snowboarding, caving, kayaking

Small Preface. In a future book, which, I hope, will be a large section about the fighting in the Elbrus region, and in her Chapter on the "missing company" in Norway and Denmark. There appeared to have something to add to the already written and said. One part of this Chapter I propose to discuss. It is important for me to read that the men of the mountain community, who gathered at "Risk". For many here, the Elbrus mountain is not a stranger - someone walking, someone running a tour guide and leads groups. The film, about which speech will go, it is better to see to make up THEIR minds. It turned out long, but the topic is serious and the arguments must be relevant. Masters of the flooding, as usual, will be asked to refrain.