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Red caviar, whose caviar is the most delicious and how to avoid buying fakes 18.12.2019 at 13:27

Culinary blog of Anna Mishchenko

The Traditions we revere, and love, so the calf will definitely be a place on the Christmas table. By the way, I really do not recommend you to make a choice for their guests and love to lay eggs on a buttered piece of bread. It is better to use a small bowl, put into it the eggs and serve toasted bread (always dry the pan).

What is the red paste can be

Today the available eggs of six species of fish and each calf will differ in taste, size and even color eggs.


Not everybody knows it, but it's the red caviar we love so much, because the taste of the caviar balanced and versatile.

the Right color: light orange and orange

the diameter of the eggs: 3-5 mm


Not so common, however, some love her for the noble bitterness.

the Color of eggs: white

the diameter of the eggs: 3-4 mm


Another common kind of caviar, which can be easily found in every store. The trout caviar has a rich salty taste.

the Color of eggs: yellow to bright orange

the diameter of the eggs: 2-3 mm

Sockeye salmon

Not often, but can also be found in specialty fish shops. The taste of caviar is easily confused with the eggs of coho salmon as dominated by a light bitterness.

the Color of eggs: rich red and dark red

the diameter of the eggs 3 mm


Many choose the caviar, because her taste is delicate, and therefore goes well with other flavors. In addition, the ROE is the fattest of all kinds of red caviar, and therefore one of the most useful.

the Color of eggs: amber-orange with a slight red tint

the Diameter of eggs: up to 7 mm

the Chinook

caviar has a unique tangy-bitter taste, so it can be classified as noble tastes.

the Color of eggs: rich red

the diameter of the eggs: 6-7 mm

the Benefit of the calf

Red caviar contains a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Among them vitamins a, D, E, C and group B.

in addition, the eggs lot of protein, calcium, phosphorus, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly omega-3.

Red caviar strengthens the joints, improves vision, reduces the risk of cancer, strengthens blood vessels of the heart, boosts immunity and even helps preserve youth!

In this case, caviar is not recommended eating more than 2 tablespoons in one meal.

How to choose high quality eggs Marking on the lid to be sure! On the tin engraved stamped inside, on a glass jar, the engraving must be on the glass itself. The packaging must be information such as "salmon + fish + 1st grade". Tin when shaken, should not gurgle. The list of ingredients should be minimal: caviar, salt (no more than 6% by weight of caviar) and 1-2 preservatives. The availability of information about the manufacturer: address, presence of GOST, date of manufacture and shelf life. The eggs must be intact, unwashed and in the same color. The Bank needs to be only eggs, without foreign inclusions. Not allowed too liquid consistency. Pay attention to the shell of the eggs – it should not be too tight or too weak. Signs of artificial caviar Too low a price. Perfectly round eggs without holes-serologica. The sharp smell of herring. When you have a bite of the eggs stick to the teeth! How to store eggs Store in the refrigerator, while caviar is best not to freeze. Though as much as we wanted to keep it. Remember that open can of caviar is not stored for more than 5 days.

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